Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Animal Wednesday, Coyote!

These are not wonderful photos, but the coyote was a ways away and I tend to not have a steady hand when I am taking photos of wild animals, I get too excited. Coyote always means changes for me, so I will be looking for them coming up. xoxo


Mim said...

wow - that is amazing! We have them around here in the northeast but I rarely see them. good pictures

Yoli said...

What a delight to see them!

becky said...

Here's to change... may it be of the positive sort!
Happy wednesday... almost thursday, Miss Annie!
ps word verification "cowasons," how's that for animal wednesday !

Lynn Cohen said...

Lucky shots! We saw some on our travels cross country.
My v word is hawfa (happy animal wednesday for all!)

Anonymous said...

Amazing Annie. Well done for gettign the shots at all. May all the changes be good and creative.

studio lolo said...

he looks like a healthy fellow!

I hope the changes are all you need them to be.



angela recada said...

I'm all for change, and I'm hoping it's all just exactly the good kind of change you need and want!

That's a beautiful animal, and s/he certainly looks well-fed.

Robin said...

It is always exciting to see these mysterious, magical creatures....
I hope the coming changes will be positive and wonderful for you!


♥ Robin ♥

ExtraO said...

I saw a coyote once on a morning walk... it kinda freaked me out.

xxx said...

How exciting!
I love to see animals like this.

At first glance it looks like a dingo :)

great shots annie and thanks for sharing.

Change is something that we can rely on ;)

x Robyn

secret agent woman said...

Those are great. I rarely see them, but often hear their yips and howls in the woods and nearby pasture.

Lori ann said...

How lucky to see him! i think the photos are good Annie, they are hard to get.

hoping for positive happy changes!

yoborobo said...

I miss the coyotes that lived in the hills around our home in CA. Every night I would sit out on the deck and listen to them talking to each other. :) I am wishing for fabulous changes for you! It's a good season for changes. :) Xox! Pam

kj said...

you have the best visitors, annie--so many special wonderful people.

i would love to see a coyote, though my hand would probably shake too!

Mary-Laure said...

AMAZING! I just LOVE spotting wildlife. I've never seen a real coyote, actually.

Laura said...

always so wonderful to be in close contact with our animal companions. this summer a fox and her baby came right to the side of our house when I was sitting on the screen porch...didn't have my camera...but wow...that was so cool!