Sunday, October 3, 2010


"You have to remember to make it all over again everyday, the angel said to me, otherwise it goes all to hell"-Brian Andreas (Storypeople). This is a little something I have taped to my fridge, so I will have a reminder :-). I thought I would pass it along to you.
It's Sunday and I glazed ceramics all day, 40 pieces, actually I have been glazing all week in the evenings after work. I am finally done. YAY! I should have some new things to show in a week or so. If they turn out that is. Remember that box I made a few weeks ago? It flew apart. No more box. There is a learning curve with each new clay. I have now found my clay, and will stick with it. Porcelain is my favorite and I am now working with very pricey porcelain and I love it, I just have to learn to build boxes with it :-). I hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday, no matter what you are doing. Happy, happy. XOXO


becky said...

Annie, I love Brian Andreas' work. (I think he passed away.) I have a quote of his that I've been carrying for 4 years, "he followed the sun & she followed the stars & in dreams they listened closely for the beginning of all things, for that was where they knew they'd find each other." I know, I'm a hopeless romantic!!
Glazing all day sounds like a ton of fun! :) Can't wait to see all your finished pieces! I've had a few pieces blow up in the past, so I can relate... but I do hope all your latest pieces make it through! I survived another work week & am looking forward to working on my clay pieces, too! Happy week to you, Annie!
:) :) :)

Annie said...

Becky-Nothing wrong with being a romantic, I used to be one myself, but life kind of knocked it out of me.I just checked on Brian and he is still alive and well :-). I am glad your work week is behind you and now you have some time to relax and create. Happy days off Becky.

yoborobo said...

Hi Annie! I love this quote. :) Back in prehistoric times when I did ceramics, I loved working with porcelain. Seems like another life time! :) Have a great week, my friend! xox! Pam

xxx said...

I had a glorious Sunday thank you Annie and I'm happy to read of your love of clay, especially the procelain. Keep on enjoying it.

love to you
x Robyn

Lori ann said...

I had a wonderful sunday, so glad to hear you did too!
You'll get those boxes made, you will! (is porcelain as delicate to work with as the finished product?)

♥ lori

ExtraO said...

I don't really get the quote.

sukipoet said...

Annie, sounds like you had a busy sunday for sure. sorry i missed talking w/you on the phone but had to leave Yart fairly early due to back. anyway what fun it was. blessings, suki

becky said...

Hi Annie, me again :)
good to know he is alive & well- can't remember where I heard he had passed... it got me looking online at his work & words again... fun stuff.
thanks for the reminder :)

secret agent woman said...

Sometimes it's the process that matters more than the product. Glad you are enjoying learning as you go.

~Babs said...

Dang Annie, I'm sorry to hear about that box,,,it held such promise!
I expect you'll do more though.

Sounds like you had a great studio day,,a perfect Sunday kind of day.
I'll be eager to see what you've done.

studio lolo said...

darn!! I was looking forward to seeing the finished box. I like that it won't deter you from moving on ;)

Too bad you don't like working with ceramics. Less fragile, less loss of money. But I know what you mean about finding a medium you love!

I'm sorry I wasn't there for Sunday's phonecall :(

I missed you there!


Annie said...

Pam-I would love to see photos of some of your ceramic work...xoxo
Robyn-Thank you! xoxo
Lori-I will! Porcelain is actually very strong it just looks delicate.
It is hard to work with because it dries fast and is sort of like working with butter if you get it too wet...xoxo
EO-:-). It is one of those things, you either get it or you don't.xoxo
Suki-I am sorry too. I hope your back feels better. xoxo
Secret Agent-That is true of everything, it's the journey...xoxo
Babs-I will do many boxes, I don't give up easily!xoxo
Lo-I have always loved a challenge, and I never give up!
I am sorry I missed you too, but let's talk soon okay? xoxo

Lubna said...

Awww,I am so sorry the box blew. Good luck with the next batch.
BTW- My Mum's birthday today. 8-)
Have learnt to value life thanks to her close brush with death.

Annie said...

Lubna-Happy Birthday to your mom!
I know what you mean. xoxo

Anonymous said...

When something flies apart, can you melt the pieces down and use it again? I have no idea if porcelain is like glass in that way. PS I get the quote! It's sort of like, "There are no enlightened people, only enlightened acts." In other words, there's no such thing as resting on your laurels in spiritual work. It's new every day...every minute.

Annie said...

Kelly-Yes! That is exactly what the quote means :-). No, porcelain cannot be melted down, once it is fired, that's it. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Ouch sorry to hear about the box. I hope everything makes it through the firing. You make such lovely things. No Daughter doesn't read my blog (she thinks I'm boring and she sees what I'm making as I progress) thank you so much for the joy pendant which will be for her in her fav red colour. My pendant of course is simply stunning!

Annie said...

Melanie-Thank you!Your daughter is like half my friends, they don't read my blog either. Glad you like the pendants :-). xoxo

Mary-Laure said...

Oh, I would love to learn how to create ceramics... Sigh.