Monday, October 25, 2010

What I did with my Non Blogging Time

First, I went to Santa Fe, to see my beautiful friend Becky (top photo) who gave we permission to post her photo and I also visited my good non blogging friend K and went to Home Depot for Venetian plaster for my Winter supply. Becky and I went to some galleries and saw some awesome art. Always an inspiration.
I also made some art of my own while on my break, this box is drying and then has to be fired, glazed and fired again, the lid already cracked and I have made another since this photo was taken. Also working on paintings for my ETSY site, soon to be shared.
Oh, and I took photos. Fall is here and it is a beautiful, stunning time in Taos.
I have a few more photos to show you, but will save them for Animal Wednesday.
I read and facebooked (is that a word?) and watched DVDs. Saw friends, had fun.
I finished "Lost" and actually cried, I admit it, I did. I have started another JJ Abrams series "Fringe" It took me a while to warm up to it and I don't love it like "Lost", but I am starting to adore it. One thing about Abram's shows I really like is that the women in them are smart and strong.
I am blogging again, but have decided to do less of it, so if I don't visit as often as I should, I am sorry, I still love you, but it seems I need more time for other things, I will be lurking, but not always leaving a comment. XOXO


becky said...

Hi Annie,
How weird it was to see ME in my own feed reader! I hope I didn't scare away any of your readers, LOL! I should have put my sunglasses on! Your new box is looking great~ Can't wait to see how you glaze it! You got a lot more reds in your fall colors~ the mountains look glorious! Most of our leaves have blown away today... a blustery day in Santa Fe!
Enjoy the rest of the week, Annie~ good to see you again!

Unknown said...

Great to have you back in the blog land, I have missed you much. For someone is not used to changing seasons, its very nice to see all these beautiful photos. Take your time to blog whenever you can Annie, Ive cut mine to whenever I can. You box is superb and hope the sales start kicking. Love..M

yoborobo said...

I love all these photos! And lurk away, my friend. :) There is never enough time to do the things we love to do. Sometimes, you have to dig your heels in and take it. :) Happy arting (new word!). xoxo! Pam

angela recada said...

WOW Annie! I'm so glad you had such a special day in Santa Fe! Becky is gorgeous, your clay box is absolutely stunning, and the scenery! Well, you know how I feel about New Mexico. WOW!

I'm so glad you're enjoying "Fringe." My favorite character is Walter, poor confused old Walter. Do you have a favorite?
Enjoy your time away from blogging, sweetie! There's a big world out there, with lots of interesting things to see and do.

Love and hugs,

sukipoet said...

Hey annie. Good to hear what you have been up to. Yr friend is beautiful, your box is stupendous and the landscape just amazing. Nice to virtually talk to you, my dear. Love, suki

ExtraO said...

You finished all of Lost? The whole thing? I never did finish it. It got too crazy for me.

Annie said...

Becky-:-), you look beautiful and you always do. It was great to see you too, I hope you can come up before you leave. xoxo
M.Kate-Thank you darling M.Kate, I will be around to visit soon. xoxo
Pam-What a doll you are. I love that new word, arting, great! xoxo
Angela-Thank you sweetie. Peter is my favorite on "Fringe" next to Olivea who I adore, he is too young for me, but still what a cutie.xoxo
Suki-Hi! Nice to see you here too.xoxo
EO-It took me 6 months to see all of "Lost", one DVD a weekend. It is the craziness I loved :-). xoxo

Yoli said...

I am glad you are having fun! I have missed you but I am happy for you. Feel free to lurk anytime. I do the same.

xxx said...

That's a lovely way to spend time Annie.
I love all of the photos too.

I look forward to seeing your finished box.

Enjoy you week
best wishes

studio lolo said...

The only thing better than spending time with friends is getting a day to yourself when you need it. I treasure those days where I take off and do nature things or art walks all by myself!
I'd be lost without my girlfriends though, and hubby ;)

beautiful photos Annie! I'm glad you're making new art!


marianne said...

Good to see you again Annie
Lovely pictures ! Your friend is beautiful!
Did you make that white box? GORGEOUS! But did that lid crack or did I just mix up things.....
Well take care and find your balance in blogging, it should stay fun

Have a nice day dear ♥

kj said...

i like everything here annie! it is amazing to see the changing of the season on your mountain(s). i too hope you are enjoying your time away from blogging but isn't it hard to resist? i never blog from obligation but somehow some special people have taken residence in my heart and life!


mermaid said...

I am glad you are doing what nourishes you most.

Annie said...

Yoli-:-). xoxo
Robyn-Thank you sweetie. xoxo
Lo-Yes, spending time with friends is improtant, I have more boy friends than girlfriends though :-). xoxo
Marianne-Thank you, she is isn't she! Yes, the top of this box has broken and I have made another and yes I made the box out of porcelain. xoxo
Kj-Yes, it has been hard to resist, but good for me and many of you are in my heart and are there even when I am away :-). xoxo
Mermaid-Thank you darling. xoxo

Teri and her Stylish Cats ~ Coco the Couture Cat, FurryDance Brighton, and Disco NoFurNo said...

Oh, the scenery inspiring and the box? It just might be my favoritist thing you have done--truly gallery worthy and in fact before I read the text, I thought it was a piece you had your eye on in one of the galleries you visited

Anonymous said...

Hia Annie looks like you had a lovely break. We watch Fringe too but aren't liking the storyline with the switched Olivias at the moment. We are persevering though as the individual puzzles per episode are entertaining.