Saturday, October 30, 2010


Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, I met 2 of my best boyfriends on Halloween and broke up with my worst :-). These days I don't do much but rent a scary movie, but I love to see people dressed up and having fun. What ever you do on this day I wish for you a happy and safe Halloween! XOXO


becky said...

How'd I miss your last post? That's funny about the best & worst boyfriends on Halloween. Last year I went to a great parade in Ashland, Oregon... everyone (except me) dressed up. I never dress up on Halloween anymore. Well, I'll just work on Halloween... but look forward to seeing you monday! do you get trick or treaters?

yoborobo said...

Happy Halloween! I hope you get lots of treats, and no tricks. :) Xox!

willowtree said...

Right back at ya.

Lynn Cohen said...

I send a few cards and remember Halloweens past. ;-)
Happy Halloween to you too.
(Hey, I am wearing my XOXO necklace today again! I sure love it.) thanks again. ;-)

marianne said...

Happy Halloween!!!!
Love this (an my ) black cat ♥

sukipoet said...

wonderful cat painting have a great day

Marion said...

I LOVE the painting of the black cat! Happy Hallowe'en to you, as well, dear Annie...I hope you get lots of trick or treaters!

studio lolo said...

I love this black cat!!

I'm not a fan of Halloween but I did like it as a kid.

I bought candy for the kids tonight in case any stop by, but now I think I'll put out an "honor bowl" and let them help themselves.
Emma goes crazy when someone is at the door and I think it will be too stressful for Bliss. So...I think the lights will be out and we'll go upstairs!

BOO Annie!♥

kj said...

i am calling the police on studio lolo for being mean to innocent little kids. how will she ooooh and ahhh over their costumes? :)

what a terrific black cat. i am always fascinated by the eyes now that i know how incredibly our same studio lolo paints eyes.

i am buying candy i hate for tonight. this is a first for me, no reece's peanut butter cups. :(
it's the sad price of aspiring babehood...


Annie said...

Becky-I don't get any trick or treaters anymore, I did years ago, but not now. I had to work too.
See you tomorrow! Yay! xoxo
Pam-Boo! xoxo
Peter-Lovely to see you! xoxo
Marianne-I love it too, but I did NOT paint it, I got it off of free clip art.xoxo
Suki-Thanks, but I didn't paint it.xoxo
Marion-Thanks, I got the cat off of free clip art, isn't it great! xoxo
Lo-I think you are doing the right thing for the animals. Boo right back! xoxo
Kj-You made me laugh. I did not paint that cat, but got it off of free clip art, it is a wonderful cat. You are so smart to buy candy you don't like! Bravo!xoxo

Annie said...

Lynn, How did I miss you?! Happy Halloween. I am so glad you like your pendant! It pleases me no end.

Unknown said...

Happy Halloween my good friend. My children always yearn so much of having all the Halloween fun in the Western countries. It's quiet over here mostly, no trick and treating for the kids :)

ExtraO said...

Thank you, Annie. I hope yours was lovely.

secret agent woman said...

I like seeing all the kids in their costumes, but I've never been a huge fan of the holday in general. Maybe I'd feel differently if I'd met a couple of boyfriends.

Jos said...

KJ is so smart isn't she? I'd have never thought of buying candy I don't like ... the result is thousands of calories just waiting to hang around my middle (who am I kidding ... OK my bum) for months to come!

Annie, sorry not to have kept in touch much over the last little while. I am getting back on track now. Thanks in no small part due to your loving support and belief in me. You are just so lovely,it has helped me no end knowing that you're there. Thank you.

More big huge hugs to you, and love of course, oodles of love xx Jos

Lori ann said...

Annie, i hope you had a lovely halloween and treated yourself to a good movie and maybe some candy too, still making good memories.

Anonymous said...

We had some Trick or Treaters come by but had to keep an eye on the pumpkins by the frotn door as it was windy enough to blow the candles out and then the trick or treaters wouldn't know they were welcome. It was the 1st year we had some Polish children come. Lovely to see them joining in.