Monday, October 11, 2010

Blogging Break

I will be disappearing from the blogs for a while, a week maybe two maybe more.
I won't be posting and I won't be visiting many of you either, perhaps just to check in. I will be missing you and I love you, but for reasons I won't go into here, I need to do this. Blogging which has been such a joy has now turned into a bit of a nightmare and I need to take care of myself and disengage. Know that I will be thinking of you. XOXO


Elena said...

Oh I hope all is well. Just started following you and love this blog. Take care!

Lubna said...

Hope all is well. Sometimes one does need to retreat into a comfortable corner and perhaps you are doing just that.
Keep smiling and being cheerful and let us know when you are back. Take care.

marianne said...

Oh Annie just take care and see to it you will get sweet dreams instead of nightmares ;)
Blogging can be overwhelming sometimes and much. Rtreat and find your balance again. Take your time


Unknown said...

Hi ya sorry I have been missing for some time and came back to blog land and read this message. I am not sure what does seem scary..but I do hope all is ok my dear. Take you :)

yoborobo said...

Hi Annie! I will miss you, but completely understand the need to step back. I just hope nothing bad happened! Get lots of R&R, and I hope to see you soon. xox! Pam

studio lolo said...

I hope you or the kitties aren't sick. Sounds ominous :(

be well Annie,


sukipoet said...

oh annie. now i am worried about you. My sense is it is more a psychic, emotional nightmare somehow rather than a physical illness.

In any event, I have certainly thought of doing the same backing off on my blog on occassion. I used to post every day and I did go down to three or four times a week. It is a lot of time spent creating ones blogpost and then commenting.

Hope you enjoy your break. Hugs, suki

angela recada said...

I'm so sorry to read that you've been having a difficult time! I'll miss you so very much, but I understand completely, dear one. You know I do.

My word verification for this comment is "rehab" - how appropriate is that. We all need time to get away and regroup sometimes.

Take kind and gentle care of yourself.

Sending you huge hugs and much, much love,

ExtraO said...

oh no... I'm sorry to hear it's been a nightmare. I hope whatever it is, it gets better.

becky said...

Hello Miss Annie,
Hope you are ok....
I understand... sometimes I think about hanging up the blogging simply 'cause it takes so much time. I hope you are enjoying this beautiful NM day and doing whatever it is you need to do to take care of yourself.
Sending BIG hugs to you!

Annie said...

Elena-Thank you! This is a personal matter between someone I thought was a friend and I, everything is ok and I will be back soon I am sure. xoxo
Lubna-Thank you darling.xoxo
Marianne-Thank you! Blogging can turn into a nightmare when people use it to hurt in a passive aggressive way, but I am sure the sweet dreams will come and I will be blogging again soon. xoxo
M.Kate-No worries, I am fine, the matter is too personal to blog about, but I am sure I will be back before long.xoxo
Pam-Bad things happen, but I will be fine. Miss you too.xoxo
Lo-I and the kitties are fine. Suki nailed it on the head :-).xoxo
Suki-You are so wise. It is emotional and involves another, which is why I don't want to blog about the details. xoxo
Angela-Thank you and for your darling email. Love. xoxo
EO-Thank you! xoxo
Becky-Thank you, all will be well.
Can't wait to see you Monday!!!

secret agent woman said...

Take your time - we'll be here when you are ready to return. Be well.

mermaid said...

You know when you need to leave. You will know when you need to return. Take care, Annie.

Janice Lynne Lundy said...

Dearest Annie, just sending love and support. Do all that you must do for yourself....xo

Lori ann said...

Dear Annie,
sending smiles and warmth and salty ocean breezes, and a virtual ocean of love to make you feel loved.
be well my friend,

Marion said...

Oh! dearest Annie, I am going to miss you!

I hope the hurt feelings go away soonest; emotional storms aren't any fun at all. Take your time. Blogging does take a lot of time and there are many times I cannot fulfil all the visiting and comments, along with writing as well. I've always felt badly about it...and blogging should feel good, I've always thought.

kj said...

take your time, annie, but i can't imagine you'll be gone long! i don't see any passive agressive chatter here, (okay, maybe there's me occasionally whining :), and if there is i hope it floats right out to sea. life's too short, right? mostly, what i like best about you and all our blogging buddies is how much fun we have

come back when you're ready, annie, i hope all is soon well.


xxx said...

Hi beautiful Annie.... I hope this comment finds you having a happy time away from here.

Big love to you and I look forward to your return.

be well
x Robyn

Anonymous said...

Hugs Annie.

I hope the situation resolves itself or you find a new way of adapting to it. I understand about blogging taking time and emotional energy so sometimes it's best to take a step back until you are ready. I hope it is soon.


Kate P said...

Nothing wrong with taking time out for yourself, right? I'll still be here. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh for sure, do what you need to do. I hope you are not being harassed.