Saturday, May 29, 2010

What Feeds My Soul

I thought I would write a little post about what makes me joyful, right now. As a way to show deep appreciation. So here is my list:
1.Painting. Art. Making it, reading about it, living it. If you put me on a desert Island with plenty of art supplies I would be happy.
2.My animal boys. My life would be so empty without them in my life. You can't beat unconditional love.
3. Reading. Right now I just finished one of the most beautiful books I have ever read, "Smilla's Sense of Snow". I was sorry to see it end. I am afraid most books will pale in comparison now.
4. "Lost". I know, where have I been? I don't have cable or satellite and in Taos that means no TV reception, which I am happy about as I hate TV, but I love movies, so I have a TV and DVD player. My lovely bloggy friend Nolly gave me the heads up about "Lost", so I have been renting it. I am in the middle of the second season and I love it. I used to hear about the show, but thought it was some boring thing about people stranded on an island, trying to survive. Oh, how silly I was. This show is so much more! I think it is the best show I have ever seen. Bar none. I look forward to watching "Lost" to the conclusion, which I am already sad about :-).
5. Time off. I have today and tomorrow off and instead of cleaning my very dirty house I will be painting, and reading, and loving my boys and of course watching "Lost", being the hermit I am
and loving every minute.
6. Blogging. I love every one of you and I love every minute I spend blogging and visiting your blogs. It is often the highlight of the day. Thank you.
Happy weekend! XOXO


Robin said...

"Smilla's Sense of Snow" - one of the all-time great reads.... a pretty good film too.

Off to a piano dress of "The Girl of the Golden West".... there's a real horse - a Palomino named "Whizzkid"! Hope to "meet" him today!


♥ Robin ♥

sukipoet said...

Sounds like a lot of fun things in the works. I loved "Smila" also though read it so long ago I only have a vague image of it. I also was taken w/Lost at first, but then it went on and on and on. Very much like a soap opera and i became tired of it. I think you have a lot of watching ahead of you as it was on for a # of years.

Annie said...

Robin-I am looking forward to renting that film. You know my first horse was a palomino and I have always had a soft spot for them. Give him kisses from me.
Suki-I know, I missed this book the first time around. Very late on the band wagon of many things :-). I don't think I will tire of "Lost". xoxo

kj said...

you will NOT tire of lost! i guarantee it!!! you are a lucky duck to have so much to watch ahead of you.

i like it when you are grateful, annie, because your energy is contagious. and as for your bloggy friends, here's one confirming that the pleasure is mine.

Annie said...

Kj-I love you dear heart. xoxo

studio lolo said...

Dear Annie,

It seems I don't get here much. I will remedy that and start stalking you ;)

I came here to tell you I'll be saying kitty prayers for your guy tomorrow. I love the picture of the three of them on purple.

I love your gratitude list. Simple abundance reigns!

Enjoy "Lost." I've never given it a chance. I can't find even more reasons to pull me away from things I should be doing :P

Have a wonderful weekend!

Annie said...

Lolo, I have been stalking you for some time and wished and prayed you would be my friend :-).(I told Kj, I did not think you wanted to be my friend). Dreams do come true! I am so excited I am even having a hot flash.
Thank you for your prayers for Spike. Watch that awful word "should".
Since I have no TV, taking a mere hour a day on the weekends for "Lost" is my guilty pleasure \:-).


angela recada said...

Hello dear Annie! We have no cable or satellite, either, just boring broadcast TV, which is more than enough. So glad you found LOST, aren't TV shows on DVD the best invention?!

We were away for a few days - up north with no computer, no news, no phone in the room, and only spotty cell phone coverage (to keep track of my elderly parents and *senseless* 18-year old son) - it was wonderful to be so disconnected!

I love how much you love art, it's something important that we share!

I hope you and the boys are having a wonderful weekend.

Love and hugs,

Annie said...

Angela-I need a get away like that :-), at the beach. Sigh.
All 18 year olds are senseless :-).
I love that we both have such a passion for art. I would eat art if I could :-).
I do love that I am watching Lost on DVD, if I had to wait all Summer to see what happens I would go insane.
Love. Happy weekend.

willowtree said...

You're welcome ;)

soulbrush said...

a beautiful post and a beautiful soul you have.

ExtraO said...

I used to like Lost when it was in the 2nd season... I hear some people still like it. I LOST interest.

Annie said...

Peter-:-).Happy to see you blogging again.xoxo
Joss-You are sweet. Love you.xoxo
EXO-I don't think I will lose interest, I am obsessed :-).

Lubna said...

Hope you are having a nice weekend.

Teri and her Stylish Cats said...

I will have to look for that movie, and I have been taking lots of photos out here while on vacation in Oregon...listening to the Osprey call has been calming...