Thursday, May 13, 2010

Busting Loose Update

I have not posted much because I have been working and helping my friend J pack for a big move, also I was given a big bookcase that I have decided goes in my very small office/ art supply space, and I have been rearranging which means my little room now looks like a bomb exploded :-). I was remembering back in my twenties I could work all day and rearrange my apartment after work and do it in an evening, now it takes me a week :-). I would like to think it is because I own more stuff, but it is most likely that I don't have the energy I used to have. Perhaps it is both.
I decided to take a few minutes and update you on what has been happening since I began my work with the "Busting Loose from the Money Game" book by Robert Scheinfeld. Not much money stuff happening since my sale, except a few small jobs have trickled in, but that is not real news. Most of what has been happening is in my attitude and spiritual life. I have always been very intuitive, but now since doing "The Process" for over 3 weeks I have noticed that I KNOW who is calling me EVERY time the phone rings. I KNOW when a package arrives at my post office for me. I have also noticed that I get intuitions about things and actually heed the voice inside instead of ignoring it :-). Things go much better and run smoother. Also (and I really can't articulate this very well in words) I get ideas, brilliant ideas that help me problem solve like never before. I am more joyful and I have a love for my life, as is without needing anything to change. Yes, I would like some changes to happen, but I no longer NEED them to happen to be happy.
I had a friend who just read the book and we talked today, he was complaining about some things in the book. I want to say that this book is not the best book in the world, not the best written, not the most profound, but what Robert has done, is to make this work simple and effective. I have been a seeker of all things spiritual and self help since I was a teenager and with the processes in this book I have seen more results than in all the others combined in a shorter time period. The funny thing is, is that in this work you forget about results altogether. Ironic huh?
Anyway that is where I am right now in this work.
Let me know if any of you have read the book...I would love to talk.
Happy Thursday! XOXO


sukipoet said...

this is so great Annie. you know, sometimes a book just clicks w/a person and sometimes not. different books click w/different people. I am now most interested though in "the process" and wondering what that is. maybe there's something abt it on line. Wonderful you are listening to your intuition. that's what I need a bit of. Hurrah.

angela recada said...

I love hearing that you are happier and more content, and that things are falling into place for you! My husband isn't interested in the book, so I guess we won't be doing the program with you. I'm already a great believer in following my intuition, so I guess I'm on the right track!
Sometimes a shift in attitude can make all the difference in the world, it seems.

I'll be looking forward to hearing more about the book and how you are applying what you learn to your own life!

I hope you had a great week, and that you and your boys have a lovely weekend.

Love and hugs,

Annie said...

Suki-You really have to read the book to get the process. I am also sure it is not the only book to have such a program, very simple and easy and it has mindfulness and staying in the moment built into it which I love. I don't love or agree with everything in the book, but you don't have to for it to work.xoxo
Angela-You could read the book and do the process on your own, if you want. :-). I would love it if I had you as a partner in this.
Glad to see blogger loves you again :-). xoxo

Robin said...

I always wish you luck with these endeavours...I do believe that being open to life and maintaining a positive attitude is helpful in achieving what you want.

I believe in YOU!


♥ Robin ♥

Anonymous said...

It's so good that you have found a book which actually helps and makes a message easy to understand. I'm glad things are working out for you.

Anonymous said...

It's funny. If you are ready to receive a certain message, that will reach you no matter what. And if you aren't ready, nothing will help you "get" it.

ExtraO said...

I am glad you are enjoying it. :-)

Doris Sturm said...

Glad you are enjoying your book and seeing results from it...I know what you mean about exerting energy into decluttering and reorganizing. I find it more exhausting now than before when I was young too.

I find it amazing you know who calls or rings your bell, but when you have a package at the post office is simply etraordinary! Wow! I am impressed!

yoborobo said...

Hi Annie! Wow, that is pretty amazing. Do you think everyone can have this intuition (knowing a package is at the door, etc.) or is it a gift you have that has been sharpened somehow by the book? It's all very interesting! I'm happy that you've found what works for you. And I am very happy I am not the only one who takes a long time getting things organized! :) xox!

Annie said...

Robin-Thank you sweetie.xoxo
melanie-Thank you.xoxo
Kelly-So true.xoxo
Doris-I think the infromation is available to ALL of us, I am just super tuned in right now :-).
Pam-I think everyone has this information running under their thoughts. All it takes is being in the moment and being mindful and then acting on the information, that seems to make it stronger :-).

Lubna said...

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend and that on Sunday you will be at your creative best.
I had a nice Saturday and have a friend visiting and staying over for dinner today, which is always nice.

Annie said...

Lubna-No such luck, I am still helping my friend J with his move. This is the last day, thank God.
I need to paint! I hope your time with your friend was a great time.

Unknown said...

I used to read a lot but that has dwindled down..the last book I read was Elissa's book/obsession, the whole Twilight series..even got my blog friend to send the Eclipse book all the way from the US when they were sold out when launched. I would love to read more :)

soulbrush said...

i used to read loads, till i discovered atcs, now all i do is art, but i do listen to audio books as i am drawing. the last book i read (very recently) was 'still alice' by lisa genoa, and i HIGHLY recommend it, it is scary and true and made me worried as hell- a 50 year old with early onset altzheimers! read it soon.

Marion said...

I had to learn to trust that inner voice which was telling me who was on the phone or what was going to happen on that particular day. When strong intuitive feelings began to shout at me is when I realized I was doing myself a disservice by not trusting, listening or being aware of something I could not explain.

Fast forward a few I accept that I just KNOW things. And that we all do, it is just the listening that is the difficult part to incorporate.

A super post, Annie, I am looking forward to knowing you better!!!