Sunday, May 30, 2010


I thought I better tell all my business supporters that I won't be having a workshop. Poop.
I was thinking of how to structure the class while painting yesterday and realized, sadly that the plaster takes too long to dry. It can take from 5 hours to a whole day and even if we do two paintings as I was planning, what in the heck do we do while they dry? At first I thought we could take a long lunch and work on the collage bit for the paintings, but that won't take long enough and I do multi layers of plaster. It just won't work. Also I found out the space I wanted does not have a sink. I need a sink to wash brushes. Teaching Venetian plaster would work better as a two hour class once a week, but I can't do that, it would not be worth the time and time is what I have precious little of right now. So, for now at least this idea is being shelved. I was sad at first, but then I realized that I need the time for my own creating and that everything works out how it is meant to.
It was a fun idea though.
Happy Sunday! xoxo


Lynn Cohen said...

I hope you didn't have to disappoint too many people.
Have fun creating!!!
Maybe you can do it as on online class where you explain with videos and they do it over time on their own at home.

Laura Doyle said...

I have a feeling it will definitely transform into something more doable in the future. : )

Cate said...

why not do them online, annie? you can do them by video? on you tube! your students can do them in their time, and have sinks and supplies in their own locations! along with all the drying time they need! ;)

Doris Sturm said...

Where there's a will there's a way - maybe you will find another, better place to teach! Just hang in there and good luck!

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

angela recada said...

Well poop! But like you said, everything works out how it is meant to be, and even better things are in your future, I know. Into every plan a little poop must fall, it is the fertilizer of all great ideas, after all. (Teehee! You can quote me, if you like!)

Hugs and love,

Annie said...

Lynn-I was still in the brainstorming phase of the workshop, so no one was signed up.
An on line class is a good idea, but do you think people will pay for that? While I don't mind giving this info to my blogging friends, I was hoping to find a way to make money doing what I love to do. xoxo
Zen-Welcome, and I am thinking that maybe it might too :-). xoxo
Cat-Good idea, but how do I make money doing that?, see above answer to Lynn :-). xoxo
Doris-Yes, this idea is just being put on the back burner for now, but I have a vision of a getaway workshop where we can put down the plaster and then go for a hike, work in Taos as a selling point :-). I will be working on this and perhaps make it a destination workshop next Summer, anyone want to come? xoxo

Annie said...

Angela-You made me laugh. Love. xoxo

becky said...

Not foiled.. just set aside for now. I've got a big notebook I put my ideas in... it's fun to go back & see what has been working & where my ideas have changed & where I still need to go.
Angela's "the fertilizer of great ideas," made me smile.. that's a good quote to remember!
I like the idea of destination workshops... maybe you could work w/ some of the local hotels & such?
happy sunday, annie

Annie said...

Becky, yes, I was just thinking that I could work with some hotels and perhaps get a discount for the people in my workshop. First step is to see if anyone is interested, figure out what the whole package would cost and what I want to include in it, also talk to friends and see if they want to be involved. Due to limited time and money this may take some time, but it is a fun idea and I am open to it. xoxo

Robin said...

Something MORE wonderful will manifest itself to you...... I believe this.

Love, strenth snd courage - and fifty extra kisses to Spikee!


♥ Robin ♥

ExtraO said...

aw.. that's too bad. But, yes, you could do them online!
(my post today has the same title.... so WEIRD)

sukipoet said...

well better this thought occured to you now than later in the process of class setting up. You are on a good track, trying out new ideas and seeing what will work and what wont. happy holy day.

Lubna said...

Somehow Venetian plaster reminds me of Mt Taos, do you think you could capture it in your paintings?
There is a time for everything, when the time is right, the workshop will magically happen.
Ideally you need to tie up with someone else. Maybe a painting class, then a break during which you do yoga or artificial jewellery or something else and then paint again.
Lynn's idea is nice, but I think sometimes people also attend classes to interact with each other and get inspired.

Anonymous said...

Maybe this is one of those ideas which you keep on a back nurner to flourish when the time and vanue are right?