Thursday, September 22, 2011

Newest Painting

This one is called "Spark" and it is tiny, only 4"x 4", I did a side view and some close ups and if you enlarge you will see much more (blogger is now letting you enlarge again, yay) As always I love to hear what you think.

I finished another one too, but sold it yesterday to the first person to see it! Yay! I have two more almost done and just began another large one. I can't seem to stop :-). Have a very happy

weekend! XOXO

P.S. The big Fall Arts Show opens tomorrow night and I was juried in, wish me luck :-).


Lubna said...

Good Luck. Yay!!! Good things are happening. 8-)

nollyposh said...

A gorgeous interplay of soft colors... Hmmmm X:-)

xxx said...

Wonderful Wonderful !!! :-)


Mim said...

are you posting these on etsy? i'd love to see if i could afford a small one - they're lovely

Lori ann said...

how fantastic annie!!

yoborobo said...

I love it, Annie! It's like a globe that is sending out good energy. :) And congrats on all the new work - you keep at it. You've found a good groove here! xox Pam

sukipoet said...

this is wonderful. you are really "hot" right now with these paintings. it reminds me of petroglyph's which should be popular in your area. congrats on the sale and also have a lovely time at the opening. cheers, suki

sukipoet said...

I too might be interested in purchasing one.

angela recada said...

I was able to click to enlarge your photos, and the detail on this little gem is amazing! Love it! Congrats on your sale, and best of luck at the art show. Great things are happening for you Sweetie! Yay!!!!

marianne said...

Such a cute little work of art!
Good luck with your art show!!!
Congrats on being juried in:)

Have a wonderful weekend Annie♥

Annie said...

Lubna, Thank you and yes, they are :-).xoxo
Nolly, Thank you, so happy to see you!xoxo
Robyn, Thank you!xoxo
Mim, I did not think of that, but if you wanted this or any time I post something you like just email me and I would be happy to list it reserved in your name or even just take a check :-). I would ask 200 for this one, but for you my blogging pals, the price is 150. xoxo
Lori, :-).xoxo
Pam, You know I did not see a globe and had it turned many different ways before deciding on this, but then a friend said it looked like a globe and I saw it, but it was not intended, I am in a groove for sure :-).
Suki, Thank you, and see my answer above to Mim about buying. xoxo
Angela, Thank you darling, I guess blogger fixed it :-). I am looking forward to tonight :-).xoxo
Marianne, Thank you! xoxo

studio lolo said...

Annie, I love the new groove you're in!
Best of luck in the show.


Jos said...

You are on such a roll right now Annie. Really love this one. Such depth and texture. Kind of reminds me of a globe and a mirror at the same time. The washed out colours make me want to dive into that gentle world I see in the center.

Happy Saturday!!! Love and hugs xx Jos

Krista/Ruca said...

Absolutely love the texture and detail in this!

Houseelf said...

Wonderful that you have the urge and can just go with it. I have been having the ideas but no time until this week so my blog was neglected while I cut and sewed Amsterdam Leaves. I will share the WIP "Helping Hands" when it is finished -I think you will like it.

I am liking the textures in this little one. It looks a little like a mirror and the spark of an idea coming from it. A great concept about seeing the word in a different way and it also coming from you. Lovely Annie.