Sunday, September 25, 2011

New Painting and kitty Udate

This is my latest painting, 8"x 8"

mixed media on canvas. No title yet.

Close ups and side views as well as front view.

I found out that neighbors put the cat on my porch and now they and I are looking for a new home for her, she is not my cat, nor meant to be my cat, I am simply her foster parent for now.

I would know by now if she were mine and I feel sure that she is not, plus my other girl Zoe hates her and I don't think they would ever get along. Please pray that we find a home soon as tiny is getting very attached to me.

I am squeezing a little painting in...

Happy Sunday!!! XOXO


angela recada said...

I LOVE this new piece, Annie! So much color and texture and movement, it seems bigger than 8x8.

How strange for someone to just leave that sweet little bundle on your doorstep. Kind of an awkward position to put you in. I can imagine that Zoe wouldn't like another female cat around. I hope you find a good home for this sweet little kitty soon. In the mean time, she is in a safe and loving place.

Bless you and your big heart,

Lynn Cohen said...

This new style is so beautiful and unique. Love it love it love it.

Do hope kitty finds a good home.
Good luck with that before you bond too much. ;-)

yoborobo said...

Oh, I love this one, too! And I will keep my fingers crossed that someone will pop into the kitty's life soon! xo

Unknown said...

aw...the painting is pretty...more aww...that kitty is so cute! We have lots of cats roaming at our garden. it doenst help that we have a pair of parakeets outside! Somehow, we are not crazy over cats...but the kitty is so cute :)

Mim said...

the neighbors knew they could trust your kind heart to help the little kitty. I hope you find a home for her soon, she is so adorable.
and wow on the painting - wow again!

Suzanne said...

I really like this painting, Annie. I feel excited when I look at it. I can't wait to see each new one!

The kitten is absolutely adorable. Angels, find a wonderful home for that sweet baby. :)

becky said...

You're on a roll with all your painting frenzy- good for you. Love all the texture & crackle... so much going on in it. Good luck finding a home for the little one.

kj said...

this painting pops! vibrant depth!

you are a kitty whisperer. there is a special part of heaven on earth for kitty whisperers.


studio lolo said...

Annie, you have found your style, definately. I feel this new path is spritual because it sure feels that way when I look at yur recent paintings. Wow!

Kitty? I missed that (and several) posts. I'll go back and look. I know she landed on your porch so you can help her the best way you can.


soulbrush said...

I agree with you, we can't simply adopt every animal that happens to stray in to our lives, I am sure you will find her a home soon. Wonderful art as always.

Suzanne said...

Your talent is AMAZING!

Houseelf said...

"Fishing for Thoughts" sorry that is just how it looked to me, you have probably already thought of a name. I am liking this style with colour and a serenity.

Did your neighbours also find Zoe?

secret agent woman said...

I like the muted colors of that painting. Shouldn't the neigbors be the ones searching for a home for Zoe?

ArtPropelled said...

Your latest pieces feel as light and playful as kittens :-)