Friday, September 9, 2011

Cy & Lucian, A Tribute

self portrait by Lucian Freud, I got the image HERE

Cy Twombly, see more where I got this image HERE

This Summer the art world lost two of it's shinning stars, Cy Twombly and Lucian Freud.
Their stardom was well deserved. I love their art more than words can say. They were both very different painters, but they had one thing in common, bravery. They painted with their whole hearts and it shows in every creation. I can only hope to one day be as brave as they were in their art, I attempt it daily and fail, but I do get more free and braver with every painting and I have them to thank for the example. May they both shine bright forever. XOXO


Mim said...

Wonderful artists - I had never seen their work and it's amazing.

Silke Powers said...

Such great artists - I loved both their work and was so sad when they died. Hope you are doing well, dear friend!! Say hi to that beautiful New Mexico for me... Hugs, Silke

Annie said...

Mim, so happy I could indtroduce them to you :-). xoxo
Silke, so lovely to see you! Yes, I am very sad that they are gone, but not forgotten!
We must stay in better contact!

kj said...

you introduced them to me too, annie. what a nifty way to learn!

i'm smiling that silke's here. did i know you knew eachother? small wonder-full world.


Annie said...

Kj, I love that I can do that for you :-). Silke and I have much in common and I think she is a darling and talented friend.
And yes, it is a wonder full and filled world.

Lori ann said...

a lovely tribute and i'm sorry the art world has lost them. how will you know when you are a brave painter annie? i think i see your whole heart in your paintings too.
sending peace and love,

Annie said...

Lori, you are such a dear. To answer your question, I will know when I no longer hold back. I do paint with my whole heart, but I hold back small pieces out of fear.
But that is getting less so everyday. xoxo

Suzanne said...

Your comment about their bravery really caught me. They were painting with all of who they are and that honesty shows in their work. Lovely, Annie.

Annie said...

Suzanne, thank you sweetie, yes, you got it :-). xoxo

Lynn Cohen said...

Your art is incrediable. You did this or they did? I am confused.

Annie said...

Lynn, Oh God I wish I had the talent to do these, but no, the top painting is Lucian and the bottom is Cy's. xoxo

Houseelf said...

I saw a Lucian Freud exhib. at the Embankment in London years ago. I was amazed by the greens and blues he used for skin tones yet they worked!

Brilliant that you are still reaching for your own vision.