Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hodge Podge and a Winner of the Give Away

Happy Birthday to me :-). These are my newest feather/bud vases, all small about 2" to 3", but I had to re clear gloss them, so they are going back to the kiln. poop.
The winner of my give away is (drum roll please) the wonderful and talented Lynn. I will pick out something specially for you dear heart.
In other totally unrelated news, I had a dream and in my dream an older very famous artist (no one real, this was a character made up in my dream by me) told me that I needed to blog less and do art more. I am taking this to heart. I have already slowed down my blogging, and posting but I will be slowing down even more, so if I don't visit as much please forgive me. What with working full time, my four animals and life in general there seems to be so little time to do what I love most, so blogging will have take a back seat.
And last but not least, please pray for my little Spike, he is hardly eating and hiding under the bed, he is the cat with the kidney problems, the one I give subQ fluids to. I have been giving him fluids daily and he seemed to get better, but now seems to be getting worse. I know in the sea of misery that is Japan and the world this seems small, but he is the love of my life and it would mean the world to me if you could just send up a small prayer or good thought for him. Thank you.
And don't forget 15% off all items in my ETSY shop for one more week, just type in chick when the coupon window pops up at check out.
Happy Saint Paddy's! XOXO


becky said...

Hi Annie,
hope you had a wonder-licious birthday!! The vases are so cute! the middle one's on both photos are my faves! i do know what you mean, not just about blogging, but being on the computer in general. on a day off, i could spend 2 hours on it, easily... with an endless cup of coffee! I always wonder about the people in our dreams that are unfamiliar. did we pass them on the street, see them in the supermarket (just a glance) and they get stored in our minds, only to pop up later? past life? complete creation of the subconscious.... THAT would be amazing!
Sorry Spike is still feeling poorly :(
and hope the rest of your week is going well.

marianne said...

I will think of your Spike.....doesn't sound good though.
Poor Spike and poor you!
I love revelations in dreams.
You do what you have to do dear♥

yoborobo said...

I wonder who the artist is, Annie. Do you suppose you have an artist guardian angel? :)) I know exactly how you feel about posting, and trying to keep up with all the different aspects of life. It's so hard. I have a new relationship with my blog: I post when I can, I read others when I can, and I stop feeling guilty when I don't. I will completely understand if you don't visit. I will miss you, though. :) Sending a prayer out for your Spike. xoxox!!! Pam

Marion said...

Happy Birthday,'s wishing you an absolutely marvelous birthday!!!

Poor Spike...I will definitely add him to the list of people and animals I send Reiki blessings to each evening.

I will miss you, dear, but the dream sounds specific enough. You've got to follow your heart.


studio lolo said...

I agree with everyone here Annie. I did notice you were missing ;)

Poor Spike. I hate to say it but when they start hiding, they're telling us something deep. Listen with your heart as you always do.
I'll keep him and you in my prayers.

I hope your birthday was all you needed it to be!

See you when I see you :)

Cute vases btw!!


kj said...

annie, prayers to you and spike. i understand, and i know you will know what to do now and always.

the glisten of your vases is so beautiful.

about blogging: i noticed a bit of a wind down on your comments too, and no worries there. my 'rule' for blogging--my own and everybody else's--is that it's supposed to be fun, enlightening, enjoyable. obligation is NOT anything i want associated with an activity i love so much.

besides, most of us aren't going anywhere!

i hope your year ahead will offer you some wonderful surprises


Kate P said...

Aw, I will pray for Spike. Do what you gotta do, and enjoy your animals. :)

Lubna said...

Happy birthday, Annie. I haven't posted on my blog for a month or so. I just didn't feel like it. So do take your own break. Let us know when you get back.
Prayers and good vibes are being sent for Spike. He is a brave cat.
Keep in touch via email when time permits.

sukipoet said...

oh poor spike. may peace and pain freeness be his.

happy birthday to you. hope you had a great day.

cute vases. yes, do you work. blogging is only for fun and if one really desires it. be well, suki

Mim said...

Happy birthday (late) Annie.

I echo everyones sentiments about blogging. Sometimes I blog everyday. Sometimes - not for two weeks - it's all about doing what you need to and want to.

Hoping that Spike is feeling better, poor kitty

Lori ann said...

Happy Birthday Annie! and i hope your little kitty is better by now, sending prayers from here.

I agree with everyone too, blogging is optional, but friends we all are for sure.

and your vases and photos (nice new camera!) are beautiful.

Teri and her Stylish Cats ~ Coco the Couture Cat, FurryDance Brighton, and Disco NoFurNo said...

Your new camera takes fab photos! So crisp and bright. I am so sorry to hear about Spike. I know that it's not easy to watch him decline, and may it comfort you to know you have been a very good nurse to him. It is hard, though, when all we do can't slow the passing of the years...

secret agent woman said...

It would be wrong to ignore the biddings of a dream character!

Lynn Cohen said...

Praying for Spike to rebound quickly!!!! I know how much I love my cat! So hugs for you dear Annie.

I am over joyed to have won your give away. thank you so much.

Happy birthday too.

I hear you about needing more time for art making. Just don't stop completely as you would be sorely missed. xoox