Sunday, March 13, 2011

News About Town

This is a photo of the wonderful flowers that my beautiful and talented friend Becky brought to me yesterday as an early birthday gift. She also brought other goodies and took me to lunch. We had a lovely day hiking, eating and looking in shops. One sad thing is that a dream died yesterday. There is a gallery here that I have always wanted to show in and one that I came very close to showing in, but then the world turned upside down and the owner had some personal issues come up and I feel that is why it did not come to fruition, though I will never know for sure exactly why it never came to be. Anyway I have never given up, but yesterday I discovered that the gallery owner has moved into a tiny space and has dropped his artists except for two. I know this has everything to do with what is going on in the world. I have to let this dream die now.
In another way it helps me to trust in my gut as this is the very same gallery I was offered a job in as director and due to my lack of enthusiasm and desire for the job, it was given to another. I would now be out of a job had I got it, so even though many thought I was a bit nuts at the time, I am happy I was honest with the gallery owner. It all worked out just the way it should. SO I have to trust that there is a bigger, better place out there for my art.
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Happy Sunday!! XOXO


Lynn Cohen said...

Sorry the times were not right for you to show in THAT particular gallery, but there will be another!
And they will be happy to have you and your art!

Happy Birthday!!! Glad it was a fun day for you and your friend. That is one cute photo of the cat smelling the pretty flowers.

sukipoet said...

so glad you had a special time on your birthday. your friend is so kind. sorry about the gallery, but guess that is part of the ebb and flow of life. something better your way will come. happy day.

Lori ann said...

happy almost birthday annie, sounds like a really fun day.

and i'm so sorry about that gallery, that is disappointing news. here's to new dreams dear annie!

kj said...

one dream creates another. your belief in an abundant future is your fuel, annie. i wish everything good for your birthday and your new year.

i will celebrate your day and saint patrick's day by imagining a four leaf clover that brings good fortune where ever it is found ♥


Mim said...

I'm glad you followed your gut feeling Annie - sometimes it takes awhile for the decision to seem right but it all works out doesn't it.

And Happy Birthday

Erin Davis said...

Good for you for trusting your gut. You give me the courage to trust mine!

yoborobo said...

Just keep doing your work, Annie! It is all going to work out. And a very happy birthday to you - xoxox!! Pam

becky said...

Such a cute pic of Max enjoying the flowers...
& such a fun day! Love that walking spot!
Yes, I feel I have to let some of my dreams go, too. But maybe just for now... who knows what goodness may come in the future! Have a GREAT B-DAY WEEK!
I'll be over to check your Etsy site soon.

xxx said...

Happy Birthday to You beautiful Annie.... I hope the day makes your heart sing xx Robyn

keep dreaming and dream big x

~Babs said...

Awesome how things work out to our good, isn't it?
Even if we whine at the time, (as I've been known to do.)
Happy Happy Birthday, sweet Annie,,,and what a wonderful picture of Becky's flowers and your baby!

marianne said...

Honesty always last longer.....
But I am sure there are other gallery. Don't give up trying . Even if the situation in the world is difficult people will always buy art and nice things.
Wonderful pictures of those flowers and your cat!
When is your birthday?
Hope it will be a happy one♥

Houseelf said...

What pretty flowers the yellow with the blue and white looks brill.

Yes it was good that you went with your gut. Maybe the dream doesn't die so much as evolve and hone into something better?