Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Book Love and an Early Animal Wednesday

Kj, sent the book she wrote to Lori, lovely Lori sent it to me. I loved it! It is a must read for all romantics. Soulful and beautifully written about a married woman with kids who falls in love with another woman and also gets cancer. It is sad, but has it's happy moments too. To me it is about listening to your heart and being true to yourself no matter what. I will be passing it on to Becky, who will pass it on as well...If you would like to buy Kj's book, go HERE.

This is Zoe, my new cat. She has become a real member of the family and she is a doll baby :-).
Thank you everyone for prayers and good thoughts for Spike, he seems a tiny bit better and at least is not getting worse. Keep saying those prayers.
And just a reminder, my 15% off Spring sale in my ETSY shop is over in 3 days! Just type chick in the coupon window at check out to get the 15% off all items. Happy Week!! XOXO


Lynn Cohen said...

How sweet to be given KJ's book to read and send on.
I am glad your kitty is getting better and Henry sends his well wishes too of course.
thanks again for your delightful drawing of King Henry. He'll be on show on my blog tomorrow!!!

Mim said...

Yes, it's a wonderful book and a good read. I always cry at the end. (is that a spoiler?)
love that Zoe - how beautiful

Kate P said...

Zoe has lovely eyes! We are pulling for ya, Spike.

Lori ann said...

I'm so glad you are passing it on Annie, it's a wonderful story and deserves to be shared.
your zoe is the cutest!

Jos said...

I think I've read KJ's book a couple fo times and like Mim I cry at the end. It's a book with a thread of hope running all the way through even despite the sadness.

I think Zoe looks adorable. I'm so glad she's fitting in nicely. Annie I have not been keeping up, I didn't realize that Spike was not good at the mo. Shall add him immediately to my prayer list (you have to know that you are already on said list anyway!)

It is already wednesday here, so Happy Wednesday lovely Annie. xx Jos

yoborobo said...

I love KJ's book. I read it almost in one sitting (bleary-eyed because I didn't want to put it down). It's a very wonderful story. And I love your new kitty! We have two black cats. Mine are both extreme characters. :) Happy Spring, Annie! xoxo Pam

becky said...

Sounds good, Annie.
Hmmm... I guess that means I'll have to come to Taos to pick it up OR you'll have to come down for a visit. When do you think you'll be headed this way? Glad Spike is feeling a bit better. And yes, that Zoe is a doll.
Hope your week is going well!
Off to work!

studio lolo said...

I'm so glad the book is being passed around and that you got to read it! parts of it made me laugh out loud, and yes, the ending is sad but so realistic and not happy-sappy. I cried too!

I've been thinking alot about Spike. Glad to hear he's not worse. And that Zoe is screaming to be painted! What a model ;)


kj said...

my god, thank you all so much for all these comments about my book. annie, you are so kind to have posted about it and lori, you are the recycle queen of an abundant universe!

i'm glad zoe is such a dear. it is such a circle, isn't it annie? our love for our animals, caring for and welcoming them even as we must prepare to let them go.


Houseelf said...

Zoe looks so sweet. We're settling Bungle in at the moment. Will share. Love the book cover!