Sunday, November 15, 2009

What's Up and New Work

Least you think my life is just Spike, Spike, Spike, other things are going on. I have not had time to make new work, but I have been taking photos of new things as I can, the top photo is of 4 lovely porcelain cups that did not make it, they look like the elephant man they are so full of bubbles, this is what porcelain does when you don't get all the bubbles out and it is almost impossible to know when you have got all the bubbles out. Porcelain and I are having our fist fight :-). I am up to the challenge though. The other photos are of small 2 1/2" wall hangings, the middle two are porcelain mix and the top and bottom are porcelain. So far nothing is selling on ETSY and I am a little down about it, but I won't give up on that either.
In other news, the gallery I have my paintings in, is closing and I have to go pick up my paintings this week. It is another blow in this week of blows, but I know it is probably for the best.
Spike news: I was able to give him his fluids this morning after 3 attempts and pokes. It is much harder on him than me. I do believe we will both get used to it after time. Thank you for your continued prayers and good thoughts.
What are you up to today? Happy Sunday! XOXO


Doris Sturm said...

See? If you wouldn't have said anything about the bubbles, I would have thought you meant to do it that way because I kind of like the textured look, especially with the words: "Love your Life" because life has ups and downs, so the bumpy surface - to me - seems to fit perfectly ;-)

I know what you mean about Spike. If you have nobody else, your pets are your family - just like me and the Gizz - I blog about him all the time. We've been together for a very long time and I'm attached to that lil' guy!

I will pray for your Spike and hope everything will work out well!

Doris and fam. (pets)

Annie said...

Thank you Doris. You made me laugh because the wall hangings were meant to look that way :-), it is only the cups that have bad bubbles. I do think that even if I lived with a man or kids I would still be attached to my boys, I have always loved animals with my whole heart. Love to you Doris, xoxo

Kate P said...

Thanks for the Spike update and the new artwork! My cat and I are sending prayers & positive energy to you and your "boys."

Unknown said...

Great work...good for you..your have been very busy!smiles.

ExtraO said...

These are very cool!!!

Shattered said...

My favorite wall-hanging is "Be Here Now". You do beautiful work!

sukipoet said...

Well they are cute despite the bubbles. Glad Spike and you are working on the shots. Take care, Suki

Renee said...

Those are all just speed bumps no big deal, except for Spike of course.

I am jumping up and down that you met kj. That is awesome, I am sure that she was crazy about you just like I am.

Love Renee xoxo