Thursday, November 12, 2009

Spike is Better!!!!

They saved his life, but he is not out of the woods yet. He also has stones in his bladder, I am meeting with the vet this afternoon to talk about what is next. He has made it through the worst, so I think the rest will be a piece of cake for him, well maybe not cake, but easier. I have also been doing some research on kidney disease in cats (my cat B also suffers from it). I was told there was nothing I could do for B except give him special food (which I do), but I am learning that there are things I can do. I have much to learn so I can help my boys and also prevent my younger cat Max from suffering with this. I will let all you cat lovers know what I find out over the coming months. Keep your prayers coming. Thank all of you so much! XOXO


sukipoet said...

hey this is great. Hurrah for Spike. Odd, that two of yr cats have this same disease. Hmmm.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! I am so happy. I bet the 2 of us would be capering around the vets together. :-)

Annie said...

Suki-They are brothers, they both have kidney stuff, but different.
Melanie-Yes, we would :-).

Erin Davis said...

I'm so glad, Annie. xoxo

willowtree said...

That's good news indeed! Kidney disease in cats is pretty common unfortunately, and one of the main factors is dry cat food.

Suzanne said...

I had a male cat with that problem too as willowtree said, and I remember reading about cooking food for them. It's been many years ago so I don't remember the facts, but I'm sure there is lots of good information. I like homeopathic medicines and animals can take that too. They are so gentle.

I love the good news about Spike. Hugs all around!

Doris Sturm said...

I'm glad Spike's better for now and hope he'll soon be all better.

I know how much our critters mean to us.