Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Grace has kicked in. Yesterday there was a shift in me and I have been able to be calm and happy. I am however very busy taking care of two sick kitties and also an old dog and a young cat who need me also. I have today and tomorrow off and that will enable me to give more care to little B. He has not thrown up for over 24 hours and he ate a tiny bit of baby food today. Oh and more water! He is also not hiding in the closet anymore which I take as a good sign. I feel that whatever happens I am okay as grace is here and I let it in. I will also be taking care of me, I am baking cookies and I rented a DVD, 30 Rock, which I adore and always makes me laugh.
I love you all and thank you for your prayers and kind words. May grace carry you through today. XOXO


corabela said...

How good to hear. : ) We're still thinking of you. Enjoy your cookies and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Suzanne said...

I'm so glad to hear you are in such a loving place inside and outside. A vet advised me to give my cats pureed baby food meat when they were sick and wouldn't eat. He said the smell would stimulate their appetite and they would get liquid from it too. The stronger smelling food like beef and ham seemed to work best. Wishing you much loving comfort for all of you today and always.

Unknown said...

This is good news Annie. Love/m

kj said...

aw, annie, you are such a trooper.

i just LOVE how you hang in, how you let yourself be transformed in gratitude every time!

it is so neat to read your words and be able to put your face and your smile and your voice with it all.

happy thanksgiving, my friend.
be well, you and your kitties


Anonymous said...

Huga Annie- good sign that he isn't retreating from the others and has taken some food and water. I so hope he has turned a corner.

Good idea to spoil yourself too. If you can get it I recommend "Box of Delights" on DVD

Shattered said...

Grace can carry us far if we let it. I hope both your cats continue to improve; they are blessed to have someone like you to care for them. Happy Thanksgiving!