Thursday, November 26, 2009


Not doing much today except nursing kitties and going to see an older friend in the nursing home. I did get 3 invites, but declined, I really want another low key day with my boys. B is holding, eating tiny amounts of baby food and drinking a bit of water, he takes his meds okay.
The one improvement is that he is not hiding out as much and seems a bit more lively.
Have a great day everyone and thank you so much for all the love. XOXO


kj said...

here's a thanks-giving turkey hug.


Suzanne said...

You are such a wonderful angel. Wishing you a loving day with your furry friends. Happy Thanksgiving, Annie. Hugs :)

Electra Rich said...

My son & I are praying for you, your kitties & that you'll be blessed with money for any needed vet expenses. I hope you get some peace & rest from all the storms that have hit your household. It's inspirational to see you remembering that everything happens for a reason. True blissful living takes practice & it means keeping spiritual focus when the world's storms threaten you (or your cats). I tend to be a person of great faith & serenity...when nothing is going on in my life! As soon as the storms hit, I howl like a little child & run away to hide. I love reading your blog, I like your cats & I hope I can meet you in January. Bringing my son to SF; not sure if we'll take shuttle out your way yet.

Renee said...

Sending you love today and always. I am so sorry that your dearest compansions are so ill.

Love Renee xoxo

sukipoet said...

hope your day was peaceful.. Hugs, Suki

Renee said...

Darling Annie how are you and your loved compansions?

How are you dear friend?

Love Renee xoxo