Thursday, October 16, 2008

What made my day magic...

1. My mom got through the procedure just fine.
She is awake and asking for coffee :-). Thanks for your
2. As I was running this morning I saw this bird, I have
seen before, but it always takes my breath away. When
it flies it's wings are this perfect, wonderful shade of
blue. It is a blue so rich and alive I have not seen it
anywhere else in nature. (Note to self, look up this bird
and find out it's name :-).
3. I took photos of more of my art today and got them ready for
my Esty site and picked up fired pieces of my pottery and
dropped off ornaments to fire. All the while thinking how much
I love my job of being an artist, even the business side of it.
4. The fact that I am now going to go work on a large bowl
I started last weekend and get my hands into clay.
What made your day special? Please share. XOXO


Unknown said...

Dearest Annie,
Oh what wonderful news that your mom is ok, so happy for that , give her the biggest hug for me ok :D YOu know...I always have a hectic life, have 2 offices, one is 2 minutes away from home, another lots of travelling and coming back late many times a week. However, this past week being immobile made me think of many things, made me realised that material things arent so important if I dont have my health or my family, and made me realised how important my blog friends are coz i think of them everyday when i couldnt blog. I am just so glad i know you Annie, here's sending a big hug to you. much love!!

Neil said...

I'm glad the procedure went well.

sukipoet said...

Annie, glad your mom is okay. She has loving you there to help her heal. Yesterday was special in that I got to paint and draw. I forced myself out of my inertia and went to yoga class and was so happy I did. I talked to mom about some financial concerns and she listened. I ate pea soup I had made the day before for dinner and it was good. Thanks for asking annie. Is it a blue bird.

M. Kate--why are you immobile. Whatever it is, i hope you feel better soon.

Em said...

Every night when I put my kids to bed our ritual is to say what our most favorite, medium favorite, and least favorite thing about our day was. If I can't think of anything that was really good about my day I will say that my favorite was, "Picking you up from school." and my medium favorite was "drinking my cup of coffee in the morning". So, to you I'll say that for the 10 minutes or so it took me to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee this morning my day felt special.

Em said...

Oh and of course, I'm glad all went well for your mom! :-)

Annie Coe said...

Thank you everyone for you well wishes for my mom. Suki, my mom lives in Oregon, so I am not with her right now, wish I was...

Annie Coe said...

P.S. Suki, it is not a blue bird, the blue is more intense, unless the bluebirds in NM are different

Annie Coe said...

P.S.S. M.Kate-Love and hugs to you too. Glad you are able to visit. Feel better soon!!!

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

so glad for your mom:)

My day was special b/c I am not feeling well and it made me realize how lucky I am to be feeling well most days:)

Dagny said...

So glad that your mom is ok.

And I am very jealous of your artist life. And I look forward to seeing it all. And one day I'll have some spare dollars for an Annie original. Because I want one really bad!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Annie, I'm glad your Mum is doing so well. I think I would call for coffee too. :-)

I wonder what your bird is too. My only idea is a blue jay but I don't know if they are on the West Coast.

I hope your big bowl goes well.

robin laws said...

well lets see...last thursday..umm... i can't remember annie. but yesterday was greta because i went with a new friend to take photographs in another cemetery.. it is my think for now i guess :) i would love (you know this i'm sure) to see this bird and know the name of it when you find out!
i'm so glad for you and your mom.
hope you had a great weekend annie!

Kelly said...

I wonder if you are seeing a mountain bluebird?

Very glad your mom is okay.