Friday, October 3, 2008


After yesterday's post I needed to balance things out.
When I hear stories like Vestine's it always challenges
my world view. I thought of nothing else after reading
about her. After much thought I came back around full
circle and said yes, I still believe that most people are
good and kind. Yes, I believe that there is much beauty
and love to be found. I still believe in magic :-). I cannot
let the horror in the world be all I see. I also thought
a lot about the men who did those awful things to Vestine.
What horrors and insanity brought them to be as they are?
I myself have not lived a perfect charmed life. I have seen
my own horrors and those in my family have seen worse than
me and none of us can compare what we went through with what
Vestine has lived. My point is, is that many of us have had trauma
in our lives, but somehow we keep going, we keep smiling.
It must be grace. Grace keeps us alive. Beauty, love, kindness.
Peace and love be with you today and all days.
Photo by Geraint Smith


sukipoet said...

Lovely photo. Grace is a powerful thing for sure. Hard to know what keeps us humans moving despite great sorrow. I admit I did not read the story after your heads up. So hard to let go of sad words. Have a great weekend.

Em said...

It is amazing what the human mind and body can survive.

Anonymous said...

I've been wondering Annie if the more people experience trauma, the more trauma they in turn are capable of inflicting? Your being brave and standing up for what is right is just part of the way of stopping this escallation. People who counsel the hurt, who provide beautiful things to inspire people in another direction, peopkle's kind words all go part of the way towards trying to change things for the better and balance out the bad.

Unknown said...

You are right Annie, without it, hope and love...there's nothing much for us to hold on for the future. Here's a BIG HUG to you, much love..

raining sheep said...

What a sad story. I am just catching up on my reading and your post below just made me cry. Absolutely horrific. Why is it that the concept of "humaness" is so lacking in some places. You can only do such a horrible thing to a human being when you completely lack any degree of recognition of a person as a human being, someone who feels pain and bleeds when wounded. The atrocities that take place around the world just astound me.

Annie Coe said...

Suki-I understand, this story is so sad and it is not one you can let go of easily, you were wise to not read it.
em-Yes, it is amazing, grace is amazing.
Melanie-We all do the best we can and any little thing to help the world is a blessing.
M.Kate-Big hugs and love to you too.
Raining Sheep-I sobbed when I read this story, I feel the same as you-How can people do these things to others? My mind cannot get around it.

Dagny said...



Lorie McCown said...

Yes, Annie, I read it too, and it does stick in your mind. Horror we humans do to each other does that. I applaud you for mentioning the post, I was moved that Vestine even has the will to go on. Thanks for this nice post of yours.

robin laws said...

hope and grace are as essential for life as air and water. you are a gentle soul annie and a brave soul for looking, reading and letting yourself know the suffering of the world.

Devin J. Garman said...

That is a nice photo. I just read the story, and I can understand. how you feel.

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

I can't stop thinking about Rwanda and of course, about Vestine. But the trip has given me tremendous perspective on my own life. And I think we all need to have more compassion in our treatment of others.

abcd said...

Thank you for this perspective, I need to hear it, I need to read it, and hear it every day. Im just beginning to understand the "concept" of grace. It didnt resonate throuth the christian voice, but is more understandable to me from the Hindu