Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Grand Opening of my Esty shop!

Finally, I have my Esty shop up and running (I think).
I plan on adding many new items in the next few weeks,
more cards, ornaments and ceramics (if they turn out :-),
and eventually more small paintings. I will always keep
you posted when I add new things.
Any feedback is most welcome :-).
Have a wonderful week everyone.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Annie. I know you've been working so hard for this. The textures of your paintings has come up really well in the photos.

Dagny said...

Awesome Annie!!!!!!! :D

And now I can peruse your stuff to see what I want!! Cause I still want some..I just need to save a bit. ;)


sukipoet said...

Awesome paintings and cards. Congrats on getting the shop up and running and yes, the photos are excellent. I love the tactile quality of the paint. I can see why ceramics attracts you too. Good luck.

Em said...

Very cool! I'll check it out!

mermaid said...

I feel like a mom, so proud of your courage. In many ways, we are all still children delighted by ther world and our unique places in it.

Annie Coe said...

Thanks, all of you for your wonderful support!

Unknown said...

Congrats Annie, so glad its finaly done and with that talent of yours, I am sure it will sell well and fast. big hugs :D

Lorie McCown said...

great timing too, just in time for holidays! congrats..

Kate P said...

Congrats--it's a gem among the others. :)