Thursday, October 9, 2008


I thought it was time to post a photo of a couple of my boys.
This is Spike and Max.
Today, was one of those days. I had so much I wanted to do
and I did none of it except this post. At least I did one thing
today :-). The more I complained to myself about it, the faster
time went. I can't tell you what happened (nothing happened:-).
I think I just puttered around too much. Finally I let
go and made it okay :-). There is always tomorrow, right?
We all seem to have so much to do and run around frantic
to get it all done. Today, midway I stopped and realized I
was not in the moment. I was not in flow. That was almost
enough to set me right again, except I went back into frantic
rather fast and lost it again. Oh, well, time, can't live with it,
can't live without it :-). I hope you all had a grand day!


Anonymous said...

Hia Annie, yep I had one of THOSE days yesterday. Today can only be better. Not only am I armed with a list but today I have a grid so I can tick off each bit as it's finished and smile broadly. Daughter Laura is having her friends over for a sleepover and the house needs an overhaul.

On Sunday I will breath a sigh of relief that it is all over. :-)

Sizzle said...

Those are some cute cats!

sukipoet said...

Your kitties dont look too bothered about doing nothing, just hanging out together and cat dreaming. Remember in the old days Sunday used to be a day to do no work. A day of rest. We all need days of rest.

Anil P said...

No tomorrow ever becomes a yesterday, only the todays do.

mermaid said...

Thank you for the reminder. I often dream about how tense I feel when there is always something else to do. The moment is often lost of me, and I am beginning to feel the difference between doing and being.

Dagny said...

Love the kitties.

And yes, that is what tomorrow is for.


Kelly said...

What gorgeous babies. They make me want to gather them up in a big, squishy hug.

abcd said...

I love this quote,,,it is always fresh, entertaining, gloriously uplifing, and too the point, always cheers me on to be "myself". I will always come back to your site for the reminder.

Lubna said...

Hi Kittykittens, you'll are gorgeous!