Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I am sorry, I could do no better than this little pumpkin,
it will have to do. I have been feeling overwhelmed and
a bit sad about some things, so I am not posting much.
I will try to do better next week. One thing I am learning
that I will share with you more later, is that everything is
perfect just as it is, acceptance is the key to happiness. I
am working on it :-). Happy weekend! XOXO


Em said...

It's a beautiful pumpkin!

Unknown said...

what a big pumpkin!! Annie, dont worry much, you are ALWAYS in my thoughts, much love and big hugs ALWAYS :d

sukipoet said...

Well I think this little pumpkin is great and love the cloth he sits on. Sorry you are feeling sad and overhwhelmed. Hope you have some things you can do to counter these feelings. I know, that idea of everything being perfect just as it is is a hard one sometimes. However, there is so much good practical sense in it. Thinking of you. Happy Halloween, suki

sukipoet said...

ps do you live anywhere near the mountain or a place where you can see the mountain. I found it, when I was in Taos, so uplifting to just look at. I stayed at that inn built of tires, red something or other. Across the street then was a vegetarian restaurant, Out the window of the restaurant i had such a view of the mountain. Wonderous.

Sizzle said...

Enjoy your weekend!

Annie Coe said...

Thanks everyone.
Suki-I can't see the mountain from my house, but I can see it when I go run and you are right, it is an uplifter. I am really fine, just a little sad and it is okay :-). I used to do things to try and change it, but now I let myself feel, how I feel. I never stay down for long :-).