Sunday, October 19, 2008


Just peeking in for a minute to let you know what I am up to.
For the last 2 days I have been switching my bedroom with my
art/office room. One reason I switched them is because I need
more room for my art stuff and the bedroom was bigger.
This project has proved to be more intense than I had first
thought :-). I am sitting here in a mess beyond belief.
I will get most of it done today, however, and just in time for
work tomorrow :-).
I just keep thinking how wonderful it will be when I am finished.
Happy Sunday everyone. XOXO
P.S. All my animal boys hate me right now.


sukipoet said...

Poor little animal guys. They dont like lots of fuss and bother. But I know your new arrangement will be great. I mean how much room do you need to sleep in? You are asleep anyway and wont notice the smaller space. But as Babs said, even a warehouse sized studio might be too small for some of us. :D

Lorie McCown said...

You know, I'd take the biggest room for the art too, if I could! Wow on your ornaments and cards, they look awesome! I think I'm going to etsy in the new year too..good luck!

Unknown said...

hard work but certainly sounds fun :) I cant wait to re-decor the kids study next check up is tomorow. Dont believe I'll say it,but i cant wait to go to work too!! BIG HUGS :d

robin laws said...

tee hee hee.. i have been doing a similar kind of project but mine is taking 4 weeks instead of a weekend. your poor animals.. but they are so forgiving in the end aren't they?

Em said...

Wow that is a big job. Are you done?

Kelly said...

That sounds like fun to me...I love re-evaluating rooms and using them in non-traditional, surprising ways. Well, I'd help if I were in the neighbourhood.

Annie Coe said...

Suki- Yes they are pretty upset, but soon it will be done and they will relax again. And yes, I could really use a warehouse :-).
Lorie-Thank you, and I will have a grand opening of my Esty shop soon.
M.Kate- I have not had much fun, but it will be great when it is done :-).
Robin- I am not done, 5 days and counting...:-).Wish I had 4 weeks, but my house is so small I need to get it finished so I can have a living room again :-).
Em-Yes, big job, No not done!
kikipotamus-I wish you were here to help too :-)!

Anonymous said...

I hope you are all sorted now Annie. I am still waiting to get into my craft room so I sympathise. It's not very settling trying to work when there's mess. I hope you finish quickly and your animals aren't sulking too long.