Thursday, October 23, 2008


Taking a break to give you an update as to my progress
in the switching of the rooms.
I am down to 8 piles of things I know not what to do with
and 2 closets to transfer, plus a very neglected and dirty
house to clean, but I can see the end of the tunnel ;-).
What has been taking me so long is the fact that I have
to go through everything and purge. It seems like the
thing to do. It needed to be done long ago and this forces
me to do it. Why, oh why, do we (I) hang on to useless things
way past the point of ever in my wildest dreams using
said useless thing? Like for instance a 25 year old tennis
racket. Even if I did decide on a whim to take up tennis again,
this racket is obsolete! Out it goes! Many items like this are
leaving and I am feeling lighter and lighter as I fill up
one trash bag after another. I am also giving much that is
still useful away. Do any of you have this probelm of hanging
on? There is still a lot I could let go of, but I am just not
ready yet. One tiny step at a time...
Share with me your stories of hanging on and letting go.


sukipoet said...

This sounds great Annie. You are really working hard. Well, when i had to leave my 20 year rental house, with 6 rooms and attic storage, I purged a lot of stuff. I felt angry at having to leave (they were selling the house) and maybe this helped me let go. I was a big saver and collector and took some pride in this. However, tons and tons of stuff had to be let go of including some mission style furniture that had been my grandparents. It is wonderful stuff but how can you carry it around if you dont know where you will live. That I sold for a goodly amount of money actually. In the end, I feel i still have stuff to get rid of in my storage unit, stuff I thought i'd need in my new home but i have no new home so there it sits and I am paying for its housing. I had to let go too of that image of myself as a saver and someone who understands the preciousness of old things.

Unknown said...

Hello Annie...purge away haha...that sounds very much like me. I dont keep old stuff and when I am in the purging mood, everything goes out, maybe to make room for more junk haha..Have a great weekend..purging and cleaning, big hugs :D

Em said...

I'm a big thrower away-er. I hang on to almost nothing. I despise clutter.

Anonymous said...

When we've moved house I've tried to use William Morris' words "have nothing which you do not believe to be beautiful or know to be useful". It helped.

Letting go is good. When I sort things for charity shops I try to think that the new owner will find it useful or beautiful in a way that I couldn't. I suppose sentimentally I am thinking "be free to find your real owner now I've looked after you and be in their hearts".

Dagny said...

Oh man, I'll tell you after I deal with the room that is almost full of crap....and I'm the same way, I have things that I would never use again...but I 'might need one day'..ugh. It's hard. I really fee like I am throwing out memories...


Jyotsna said...

decluttering is like an internal cleansing i each room of my home feels like cleaning up my mind in many ways..lighter,freer.yes-I can understand how light you would be feeling :)