Sunday, October 12, 2008

Holiday Craft

Max helping me make Christmas cards :-).

A closer look at the cards.

Ornaments in the raw clay stage.
This is how I have been spending the last couple of days.
Having so much fun and I find it very relaxing. I also finally
got my Esty shop up, but have many more items to add
before I am ready to have my grand opening, I am
very close and you all will be the first I tell.
Let me know what you think so far...
I will leave you with this quote by Willem de Kooning that says it all for me:
I can't help it.
I stayed in this world of childish wonder,
I think that a lot of creative people never grow up.
I am certain a real man would not paint any pictures!
Or wonder about the universe
Or believe in dreams.
Or think that trees sometimes look at him.
Have a wonderful Sunday!


sukipoet said...

Nice cards and ornaments. Love the red paper with the swirls and the way you added more swirls in pen. Good luck getting your shop in gear. Nice quote.

Paula In Pinetop said...

Oh Annie ~ That quote says it all !

Funny, I spent my weekend making xmas stuff too ! It is a fun and relaxing time.

I have changed my plans and will not be coming to Taos for a workshop. My only real disappointment is not getting to see you.

Em said...

Those are great!
(Trees look at me all the time)

mermaid said...

Those are so beautiful. Your heart is in each one.

Kate P said...

What a great quote. Nice work on the crafts, Annie (and Max)!

raining sheep said...

I am so impressed that you are getting organized. i have not even started thinking Christmas yet. I would like to take a great photo and get cards made this year. I am tired of spending a ton of money on some generic card that really has no history of personality to it. You have inspired me to start thinking about that.

Annie Coe said...

Suki-Thanks :-).
Paula-That is sweet, I am disappointed too, but it will happen, sooner or later.
em-Thanks, and yeah me too.
Mermaid-you always have the
such wonderful things to say.
Kate P-Thanks, and thanks for visiting.
Raining Sheep- This is the first time I have ever been early with the hoiliday :-).

Anonymous said...

Lovely quote. I think it is definately the time of year when we look around in wonder and respond from our souls.

Unknown said...

I have missed you so much my good friend :D
I am much better though still lying down and walking around, no sitting though..staying at home is killing me, felt like jumping off the window at times haha...
glad your etsy shop is up and those cards are just fabulous :D
much love...

Annie Coe said...

Melanie, yes!
M.Kate-I miss you a lot too!
Feel better fast and there is a little something going in the mail tomorrow for you :-).

Unknown said...

Geeeeeeshhh, girl...I'm still trying to get the Halloween stuff out of the attic and onto the front porch. I feel like such a slcker-loser:>)

Annie Coe said...

Hey shiney object, This is my lively hood this year, otherwise I would make those cards around Nov 30th :-).

Kelly said...

Oh, great cards! Looking forward to seeing your shop.

Dagny said...

I just love your stuff. LOVE.

And I love that quote.