Saturday, August 4, 2012


I know I have not been around the blogs much, the reason is I have a deadline coming up. The Taos select juried show is coming up and I have about 10 more days. A few months ago I painted "Root" it came easy and I loved it and I thought, this is one of the paintings I will enter in the show. I also painted a little miniature because if we get juried in we can put in a small piece for free (you have to pay for the two pieces you enter), but I have yet to do the second piece. I have had months. Now I have 10 days. I have many abstract pieces I could enter, but in Taos that does not fair very well, so I am trying to do another painting that relates well with "Root" and nothing is working. I am painting everyday. NOTHING is working. I took a couple days off, thought that would help. It did not.  I am trying to work on other projects to see if that helps. It is not. I am writing this post for all the other artists out there who are stuck, you are not alone. It happens to all of us.
I read something from Kiki Smith today that helped. She said just keep working, the only way to get to the other side is to keep working. I believe her and even though at this moment I feel I will never finish a (good) painting again, I know I will. Eventually :-).

P.S. My 30% off sale is still going in my ETSY shop. The prices you see there if you go look are NOT the sale prices, to get the sale price you have to type in Summer in the code box that pops up during check out.
Have a wonderful weekend! XOXO


sukipoet said...

good luck working through all this. sounds exciting to be entering the show. i love kiki smith. hope it turns out okay, wabi-sabi.

Annie said...

Suki, thanks :-). I love Kiki too.xoxo

kj said...

it will come, annie. just when it is time, it will be there. the time now must be percolation.

same with my book ending. i'm actually not desperate; just afraid...


fingers crossed for your success


Annie said...

Kj, Maybe it is me who is desperate :-). I think I will just have the one painting in the show, and that is okay I can live with that. I stopped painting and I am working on some drawings to let loose a bit. Good luck with the book.

angela recada said...

I am sorry you are still stuck, Sweetie. What will be, will be. I'll cross my fingers (and toes!) for you, too.

Oh yes, I love everything about Kiki Smith, too.

Houseelf said...

Drop your shoulders down and breathe. Look into your dog's eyes and relax. It will flow, trust your gut instinct and paint from your inner joy. Hugs.

lynne h said...

i agree annie (with what you wrote in your e-mail) - it happens to all of us, and we learn to BE with the coming and going of it all.

5 drawings... who could ask for more? pure delight... : )


mermaid gallery said...

You can't force comes when the muse calls....but getting inspired is easy.....Look at art! Sometimes you have to go outside your mind for that inspiration....that's to go google kiki smith!

studio lolo said...

Poor Annie. I know that feeling! I know you'll pull something wonderful out of your creative hat.

I'm uncreative right now because my job sucks the life out of me :(

I'm going to Google Kiki Smith right now too :)


~Babs said...

Hoping you're un-stuck by now.
I'm blaming the miserable heat. For everything. Phases, cycles,,,heat.
That's my story and I'm sticking to it,,,,,

becky said...

Hi Annie, just catching up on all that you have been up to! I am sure you will come up with something... you always do! Or, you could pick your favorite pieces, regardless of what you think the judges want... you never know... and that would be you being true to you. Just a thought. We are having a heat wave in So Cal! Enjoying my time here, and eventually will round up another blog post...
Sending big hugs!

Unknown said...

It will either come to you or you'll find one of your fabulous abstracts that works with it and defy the expectation that it wouldn't do well. :-) No worries, its in there somewhere...your head or your portfolio. :-)

Suzanne said...

And I am off to your etsy shop!!!!! WOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Unknown said...

Hi Annie,
Maybe being stuck is going around, like some kind of art virus! Let's hope not. I like your bowl painting, but I think you should enter an abstract in the show!!! Maybe it's too late.

Here's to getting unstuck.