Saturday, August 18, 2012

Now for Something Completely Different

Remember when I was stuck and stalled with my paintings? I did these drawings during that time.
A friend gave me some 7"x6" paper and I let some rust and tea do some work on them, then I had all these tea bags and decided to do some little drawings on them and put the two together. I also had a dream that I drew on bones, I find a lot of them when I hike, I tried a little drawing on one and liked it, so I will be doing more. All of these pieces will be going into my ETSY shop in the next week, where I am still having a 30% off sale. I always love your comments. Happy weekend! XOXO


angela recada said...

Oh Annie I love love LOVE these!!!

Happy weekend to you, too!

Annie said...

Angela, Thank you, you are so dear.xoxo

lynne h said...

ah annie, this makes me want to get the teabags out! these pieces sing!! and bones, yes! i also draw on them! bones with or without drawing are very smile making to my eyes.

happy weekend, bright one... : )


Annie said...

Lynne, I agree, I have been collecting bones for years, but never thought to draw on them until my dream. Thank you for your sweet comments.xoxo

Mim said...

Love all do these!

sukipoet said...

the paintings are wonderful. nice use of rust and tea and teabags.

becky said...

I enjoy this new series, Annie. Love the naturalness of them. Best of luck for the fall show- when will you find out?
Have a great sunday!

studio lolo said...

I love these !!!!!!!!

Wow. Ideas, ideas! These are wonderful Annie. I need to branch out more and try new mediums.



Jos said...

Blimey Annie these are just so cool!!! I love the whole look of these pieces. You are capturing serenity. Totally. Sending you loads of love and a big hug xx Jos

~Babs said...

Annie,,,I Adore your tea paintings!
Do more, they're awesome!

Annie said...

Lo, Thank you! It is so fun to try new things. I got the idea from other bloggers, many do the rust and teabag things. Blogging is a wonderful way to learn new ways of doing art. xoxo
Jos, thank you darling. Love and hugs back. xoxo
Babs, Thank you! I am working on more and doing a teabag book! Coming soon. xoxo

Annie said...

Mim, Thank you! xoxo

Suki, Thank you!xoxo

Becky, Thank you. Not sure when we find out about the show, has to be soon though because it starts Sept. 27Th, so expect to know in a few weeks. xoxo

Houseelf said...

There is something almost tribal shield about these Annie. I like the way you are giving new life to dry bones. Something symbolic there I think.

Lubna said...

It sure is different. And the paintings with rust and tea - now that is beautiful.

Unknown said...

These are so wonderful. They so exotic looking that's made from ancient times. Love it!
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Unknown said...

Annie, these drawings are the BOMB! Wonderful. Wonderful.