Saturday, July 28, 2012


Blessings often come from nature and this beautiful butterfly came to me the other day in my driveway. And sometimes they come from man,  out hiking with Bella and a friend in the forest we came upon this tree with these little pouches tied to it.
They looked like little ghosts. They felt like a blessing and they touched me deeply. They were near an old kiva and so we thought perhaps a native American put them there, but I am not sure about that. If any of you know what they are please let me know.
What have you been blessed with this week?
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Happy Saturday! XOXO


Lubna said...

This is such a coincidence, I just finished reading and reviewing a book (It is there on my blog) where the guardian angel appears in the form of a little blue butterfly. Hope Bella is doing good.

Houseelf said...

What a beautiful way to honour an ancient site whoever did it.

Great butterfly photo.

kj said...

I love coming across human evidence that care has been taken and is now shared.

I'm telling myself to do this myself xoxo

Happy weekend, Annie

Kate P said...

Those photos are almost too cool to be believed!

This (past) week, I was blessed with the good news that my sister found a job after having looked for a long while. And my cat celebrated her 15th birthday, so I guess that was a blessing, too!

Annie said...

Lubna, Bella is having a very hard month, July is thunder season and it has thundered almost daily. Almost over though! Love your new blog.xoxo

Melanie, Thank you.xoxo

Kj, Yes, I am reminded to do the same.xoxo

Kate P, Thank you. Glad for your sister and your cat! xoxo

~Babs said...

Hi Annie,
I was hoping someone had identified these little objects. They look wonderful, and I can imagine how you felt stumbling across them!
I love unexpected art!

soulbrush said...

Let's keep on counting our blessings every day. Off to check out your etsy right now.

Annie said...

Babs, I am not sure they were meant as art, they feel like a prayer to me, but it was wondderful to happen upon them.

Jossie, yes, I am making it a practice, makes me feel so much better. xoxo