Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Little of This and That

This is a catch up post. Remember long ago a few months ago I had a give away and Susan form Mermaid Gallery was the winner. I never showed you what I made for her. The top photo is a quick snap shot I took of the small painting before I sent it off to Susan and the middle photo is the sweet painting she sent back as a thank you. I meant to show these long ago and time got a way from me.
The bottom photo is a gift from a dear friend in England, Melanie, she was on a trip to the beach and found this lovely tea towel. Melanie knows how much I miss the ocean, so she sent me this along with some postcards. She is always thinking about others. Thank you Melanie and Susan!
Also some of you have asked about Bella, my sweet dog. It has been a long Summer for us both. We have had thunder storms almost daily for 2 months. The worst days were when the thunder was right over my house and boomed away for hours. Lately it has been lighter and shorter. It turns out that absolutely nothing works for her, not even the pills the vet gave me, not even a double dose. I  have tried everything except the dog whisperer, and I think he may be a little to pricey for us :-). When I say we tried it all, we have. I have been lucky in that I could be her most of the time.  The good news is that thunder season is almost over. We will both do the dance of joy.
That's it for now. Making drawings and starting a bunch of new paintings. Photos soon.
Have a Happy week! XOXO


yoborobo said...

Hi Annie! I love your painting (and the one you received in return). I am very fond of linen tea towels, and the souvenir ones are my favorites. The more worn, the better! xox

Annie said...

Hi Pam! Thank you. I must get over to visit you! xoxo

Suzanne said...

I so wish I had some words of wisdom for you......poor Bella

ArtPropelled said...

Your giveaway painting is beautiful and as usual I enjoy zooming in and studying the details. Oh dear I am sorry Bella hasn't improved. Have you tried wrapping her in firm bandages? I learned this technique a few months ago and it really calms Digby down.

Judy Shreve said...

Love your painting and the one you received!
And yes, Poor Bella! At least the (thunder) season is ending soon. Maybe by next year she will have forgotten about that loud thunder!

Lynn Cohen said...

I am catching up here today...these paintings are both wonderful. yours and hers. A sweet trade;your work below is awesome. A new direction and I love it all.
I think of you often as your art is where I cook and walk to go to bed... ;-)

Kate P said...

That tea towel is so cool. I'm sorry about the rough times for you and Bella. I don't think this was an easy summer for a lot of people. Here's hoping for a nice autumn.

kj said...

what spirited paintings, annie! i like them both very much. your colors are soft and vibrant, not an easy task even though you make it look easy.

i hope summer has been good to you.

lynn thinks of you when she walks to bed? hahaha!


Houseelf said...

Very beautiful painting- the colours work so well together.

That was such a sweet gesture to send a painting in return.

Glad you liked the little bits. Today I was in John Ruskin's house.
It was very special.

sukipoet said...

poor bella. your painting is great! and how lovely to receive such kind gifts.