Sunday, August 12, 2012

Second Painting for Show

I completed the 2nd painting for the Taos selects. I am now doing the photo work and getting ready to download. Whew, almost done with 3 days to spare.
This is Blue Bowl, 16"x 16" Venetian plaster, oil paint and graphite.
I am sending them 3 images and they will pick two (or none). I will show you all three in a few days.
Your comments are always appreciated. Happy Sunday! XOXO


Annie Jeffries said...

The simplicity and color are very soft but make a big impact. Good luck.

angela recada said...

Fabulous colors and textures, Annie! Really gorgeous! Good luck Sweetie!!!!!

ArtPropelled said...

Another favourite! I love the fragments of blue showing through like blue sky on a cloudy day. Love the circles in the background too.

kids bean bags said...

Wow. A spectacular work of art. You are so talented. Keep doing what your doing cause you have the gift. said...

love the color and texture you achieved in thie piece. good luck with the show!

Joe Madl said...

i love the gentle lines and quiet focus of this one, annie! there are so many discoveries to be made in its simplicity. so many secrets to learn. yet it softens the edges of the mind and allows you to discover them in their own time...


Annie said...

Annie, Thank you!xoxo

Angela, Thank you sweetie!xoxo

Robyn, Thank you, I love the blue showing through too, I did that on purpose :-), somethings just happen, but this was me. xoxo

Kids, Thank you! xoxo

Judy, Thank you sweetie!xoxo

Joe, Thank you! Lovely to see you. You really get it!xoxo

kj said...

i hope these are accepted because they deserve to be! soft calming colors here, affecting my mood in just that way.


Houseelf said...

What a little pot of magic. It reminds me of the fairy tale about the porridge pot which was never empty. Beautiful work Annie!

Lori ann said...

really gorgeous annie, i love this bowl. i don't know how to review art, but this painting is a little treasure, and so deserving of the show.

Kate P said...

Wonderful! That's going to be a great show.

Annie said...

Kj, Thank you! I want them to be calming, glad that they are :-). xoxo

Melanie, thank yousweetie and to answer your comment on the other post, I do plan on doing a lot more bowls :-).xoxo

Lori, Thank you! You don't have to review or know anything other than what you like :-)xoxo

Kate P, Thank you! xoxo