Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Animal Wednesday

It has been a while since I did an animal Wednesday post, so I am doing 3 at once :-).

Tip top is a friend's dog Finn, he is a doll.

Then a humming bird, we all know how hard they are to catch with our cameras, but I was lucky.

And bottom photo is Max and Zoe (I am down to having just two cats ). Can you even recognize Zoe? She has gained weight since living with me.

Happy Animal Wednesday! XOXO


angela recada said...

What a beautiful dog! And those hummingbirds! Annie, we have some that stop by to visit every day, and I've never been able to take even a bad photo of them. Yours are wonderful!

Your cats look very happy, indeed. Zoe looks so much like our Skitzi, big belly and all!

Lori ann said...

what sweet animal photos, i love finn, he's posing! wow that looks like a pretty big hummingbird! well done on the photos annie. :)

Houseelf said...

I am so impressed- well done for catching the humming bird in a photo!

sukipoet said...

great hummer photo and so glad to see your two cats. they look contented on the window sill.

Marion said...

I have tried many times to get a photo of the hummingbird...good going! He looks pretty big!

I love seeing cats looking so relaxed! They must be very contented..xx

Mim said...

your cats look so content - they must not have been watching that hummingbird!
that finn has a sweet face

Kate P said...

You caught the hummingbird! Cool!

Two cats sharing a windowsill--that looks so cozy. And yay for Zoe that she is all filled out now.

secret agent woman said...

I like your dog's spooky blue eyes.