Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday Inspiration

I am a big fan of the writer Jan Frazier and whenever I need a shot in my spiritual arm, or feel anxious or sad I go read one of her essay's and always come away feeling full of grace.
Here is what I read today:
Jan Frazier April 23rd, 2011 -->
Open the Door

On the other side of the familiar is the extraordinary.
Have you always known this was so?
That quiet hunch, that there is more to you?
More to life than the day-to-day absence of satisfaction?
Everything a door, every wall an opening, on second look.
Every floor a trapdoor.
Every solid thing you lean against, a thing on hinges.
When you walk through and look back, it’s gone.
When you drop through and look up, there’s only sky.
You are floating but nothing’s holding you up.
It isn’t the way it appears to be.
You aren’t what you think you are.
When you think you’ve got it, and you put your fingers around it,
your hand comes up empty.
There never was anything to be afraid of.
Outside the room of every terror,
someone is looking in the window, smiling.
That’s you.
Give it a go. You don’t have forever.
What if you had only a day in which to do
the one thing that matters?
Today is the day.
Don’t try too hard to figure out what this means.
Smell something burning?
It’s the inside of your head.
Just let yourself fall backwards.
Never mind wondering if you’ll be caught.
Be quiet.
Let yourself rest from all the effort.
It isn’t a dream.
It’s real.
You are the dream.
Know what you know.
Open the door.

I hope you enjoyed this thought provoking bit of writing.
I am off to work on paintings I have been struggling with for weeks. I went to an art show last night and was very inspired by a Taos artist named Tom Dixon. Hopefully some of that inspiration will help :-).
Happy Sunday! XOXO


angela recada said...

Oh yes, this is incredibly thought-provoking and comforting. So glad you found these words when you needed them. And thank you for sharing them. They've helped me today, too.

Happy creating today!

Lubna said...

Thanks for sharing these words. Please do not give up on your dreams.

Lynn Cohen said...

Happy painting Annie!

sukipoet said...

good words to ponder. really like tom dixon's work. have fun painting.

~Babs said...

Oh my,,,this is perfect!
It gives much to reflect upon.
Over and over again!

Thanks for the link to Tom Dixon,,,great stuff there!

becky said...

Hi Annie,
sorry i've missed a few posts! glad you are finding inspiration & hope the painting went well & you had fun yesterday! I see you are making more bowls- that's great. I taught an informal mica clay class for my mom in the garage this weekend- it was fun. they are still drying, but we hope to get them scraped, sanded & polished before I leave for NM. Made me think again of how great it would be to have such a wonderful place as a garage (or dreaming really big- a studio!) in which to create!

studio lolo said...

Inspiration is fuel for the soul.
Thanks Annie!
I like Tom's work...very energy infused!


Lori ann said...

so glad you are finding inspiration annie, i mean so glad you are 'seeing' it.

Mim said...

what a wonderful read Annie - thank you. very timely for me and for others i'm sure

Unknown said...

Hello Annie, very beautiful reading there. I've been missing you and I am back in action ..finally. No matter how I try to forget my's always at the back my mind ...sort of nagging me to return, and I am go glad to be back, glad to be connecting with you again. Love...Mk

Gilli said...

Thank you so much for sharing this. It is exactly what I needed to hear.

Houseelf said...

Good luck with your inspirational painting Annie. May your work be filled with a new sense of wonder.

Erin Davis said...

Love this! Good luck with your paintings. I've been struggling with poems as of late. I hope you have better luck than I!