Thursday, July 14, 2011

More Naked Bowls

Just for fun I thought I would show you my new bowls (and a spoon), they are not glazed yet.

I am really enjoying making the bowls, but right now I am currently hard at work on a painting.

I am really missing Zeus and Spike and B around here, but trying to keep my spirits up with art, funny movies and hiking with friends and Zoe and Max help a lot. I hope you are all having a great week.

Love. xoxo


Houseelf said...

Looks like some great bowls in the making.

Hugs Annie. We're off to a rescue tomorrow to see a couple of hounds put by for me to see which is the better pack fit and will become my heart dog. Bungle adopted Brian so it gives us the opportunity. :-)

sukipoet said...

yes, you had a very full household and lost a lot of pets in a short time. so many changes. so many less food bowls and cuddles. have fun with the glazing and painting.

Lori ann said...

oh annie, you have the best attitude. i'm glad you've found ways to fill your heart and your days. can't wait to see these when their done!

Laurie W. said...

Just remember Zeus will be in your heart always, but there is room for another too, but maybe not right know, but one day and they will have a piece of Zeus in their makeup, that is for sure.

Love you, Laurie

Barbara/myth maker said...

Simply beautiful bowls, can't wait to see them glazed.

Your heart must be heavy, missing all your loves. Thank God for distractions.


Krista/Ruca said...

I just found you site and your bowls are magical! I'm so sorry to find that you've just lost a close friend in Zeus. He looked like a such a beautiful soul. When I'm upset by such events I do like you, try to distract myself. Here's a very funny YouTube from the Muppet show.

Mim said...

love the pattern on that first bowl.

I hear you about missing your pets - they are family aren't they? it's hard to love an animal isn't it?

have a lovely weekend

Lubna said...

I really love the new range of bowls you are bringing out.