Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Animal Wednesday

I think we need a little humor around here. This is a photo of my darling furbaby Zoe, and my boy Max, Zoe is a bit of a nut and this is her under the rug, Max is fascinated :-).

I tried to get a photo of Zoe peeking out, but I was not fast enough. Happy Animal Wednesday!



ExtraO said...

I really appreciate your cat photos as I am a cat lover without a cat. :-)

Marion said...

I love cat photos, since I am presently without a cat. And this one is so perfect...each cat I have ever had loved hiding under a throw rug. Every once in a while, a paw would try and catch whoever was walking by..

Sending you much love and hugs, dear Annie, hang in there. Remember he will always be by your side..xx

kj said...

i can just imagine the spastic movements!


Laurie Wambaugh said...

Don't you just love animals and what they come up with!! I can't imagine what life would be like without them :-)

angela recada said...

Happy Animal Wednesday to you, dear Annie. This is why I just love cats, they can find joy in the simplest things.

Lynn Cohen said...

Looks like great fun! Yes, HAW!!!

studio lolo said...

hahaha!! I so love cats!
I'm so happy that Zoe easily fit in. Bless you for rescuing her, snd she you ;)

I don't think she's fooling Max.

Blessings to Zeus, and to you annie.


Lori ann said...

haha, so cute. i wish owen had a playmate sometimes.

sukipoet said...

well gosh, i never had a cat who hid under rugs. hmmm. this is so cute.

Houseelf said...

LOL they are so funny!

Kate P said...

Oh my gosh, Zoe's clowning around is so cute, as is Max's puzzled expression.