Saturday, July 2, 2011

New Work in Process and Hodgepodge

I know it has been a long while since I posted, but there has been a lot going on around here!

These pictures show my process in making a bowl and a vase, one step at a time. Start at the bottom and work your way up: first I wedge the clay which means I get all the bubbles out which is impossible, but you have to try :-). Then I roll out the clay just like dough. Next photo shows the clay being formed into the bowl, this take some time and a wee bit of effort to get it all even and the right thinness, then I cut away the excess clay. After it sets for a while I lift the clay out by the cheesecloth that keeps the clay from sticking to the bowl, this is the tricky part because if you do it too soon you may ruin the form. after I remove it from the bowl the real work begins, I have to smooth it out and get rid of all signs of the cheesecloth unless I am making a bowl which shows the texture, then I just smooth out the inside. I also made a vase with the coil method, the third photo shows the last coil (clay rolled up into a small cylinder shapes) being applied. The coil method is by far the slowest method, you have to attach each coil and smooth it out. The last three photos are of the pieces after I painted them with underglaze. Then I clear glazed parts of them (not shown) and they are now being fired in the kiln. I wanted to show you the finished pieces, but I won't get the fired pieces back until Tuesday and I did not want to wait that long, so this will be a two part post.

In other news: Many of you have sent me emails of concern because of the fires raging around Taos. It was touch and go when the fires were threatening Los Alamos where the government has labs that contain deadly toxic chemicals, but they have the fires under control now and I think all will be well soon. The smoke has been awful, and I am sad for the forest and all the animals, but we are still here :-).

Also update about my dog Zeus. He is amazing. His legs are getting weaker and I know we are lucky if we have the weekend, but I never know with him as he keeps rallying. Everyday is a gift and I know that.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and a Happy 4Th of July. XOXO


Suzanne said...

Your bowl is beautiful! Your creations look like fun -- they manifest it. Angels walk with you and Zeus. Blessings, Annie!

Laura said...

I love the joy that jumps right off your ceramics to the viewer's heart Annie!

Annie said...

Suzanne, Thank you! Always wonderful to see you here! Blessings to you too. xoxo
Laura, Thank you sweetie! xoxo

sukipoet said...

i esp like the first bowl. so cheerful and fun. Prayers to and for Zeus.

Lori ann said...

Beautiful annie! i just love your work, i look at my pieces every day and smile everytime. keep spreading joy my friend.

hugs to you and zeus xxx

Mim said...

oh that first bowl with the dots - whew - be still my heart.

have a lovely weekend, thinking of you and Zeus

studio lolo said...

Your ceramics are so cheerful Annie!

I'm so glad the fires didn't reach you. I get sad for the animals as well. Poor things get so frightened and just run.

That Zeus, the heart of a champ. I'll keep saying prayers for him.


secret agent woman said...

I am so non-artistic that I love watching the process.

becky said...

hiya annie,
well you know i love your new bowls. since i saw you last, i have just been working, moving & obsessing about the fires... some days & nights have been hot & windy & it quickly grew to the state's largest fire in history. 8% containment is not much, but it is better than nothing, and i was happy to see even the littlest of rain here the past 2 days. i do feel badly for the people of Santa Clara Pueblo, as I hear much of their water shed is destroyed. you'll have to send my your ph#- i lost all my #'s when my phone died last week. hope you & zeus are well this weekend. i can't wait to get out of here for a while. the fires, threat of burning toxic waste, work & moving has been too much!

~Babs said...

Yes, that first is such a fun bowl, and I very much enjoyed watching your process.

Happy 4th to you Annie!

nollyposh said...

HaPPY 4TH of JuLY to You ...and my goodness what a lot of patience you need for pottery!!!

*Hey looky at that my word verification: myane X:-)

Houseelf said...

Hia Annie, thanks for sharing your work processes. Sorry I hadn't heard about the fires- no news was getting through this last week. I'm so glad you are ok.

All good thoughts to Zeus. As Bungle has decided to be Lovely Husbands, I am thinking of trying again for one for me. :-)Just need to get all feeling back from the flight first.