Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bowls Dressed and a Spoon And a SALE

It has been a busy week! I spent a few days in Santa Fe with a friend and I have been working on paintings, mostly I have been plastering over them, as I am trying new things and most of it is not working, but I never give up!

I got my new bowls back from the kiln today and wanted to share. Each one is hand built (which means I don't wheel throw them) each one is porcelain and one of a kind (no two are ever alike even if they look similar). They are all food safe! Over in my ETSY shop I am having a Christmas in July sale, until July 31St all items in my shop are 10% off, even new items. I will be listing these new bowls this week, but if you would like one or would like to know more about them (like size or cost) just email me or leave a comment on this post. If you want one I will list it reserved in your name. To get the sale price just type INJULY in the coupon code box that comes up at check out.

Please let me know what you think of the new pieces. I always love your insight.

Have a creative and happy Tuesday! XOXO


Lynn Cohen said...

The bowls and spoon are wonderful; and the photos with the flowers genius.

Annie said...

Ahh Lynn, you are too kind, thank you. xoxo

Lori ann said...

yes! so pretty, i love the bowls annie, it's always so hard to choose a favorite.

have a wonderful wednesday!

Unknown said...

Dear Annie,I think they are your best so far. love them ;)

sukipoet said...

cute bowls and spoon. i agree: photo with flower is quite nice. good luck with your sales.

becky said...

Hi Annie!
I am partial to the top 2, though that is my favorite color! I like the way you are photographing them now, an the addition of the single flower is a lovely touch! Good luck w/ sales this week!

kj said...

that flower is the perfect accent! very nice photography.

does any store or shop carry these bowls, annie? because they are so nice. ♥

i like every one here


Annie said...

Lori, Thank you love. xoxo
M.Kate, I agree, I get better with each bowl :-), glad you like em. xoxo
Suki, Thank you! xoxo
Becky, it's my favorite color too, can you tell :-). Let's talk on your drive back to NM. xoxo
Kj, Thank you darling, I can't afford to sell them in a shop as they would take half the profit, It costs me quiet a lot to make them, the clay and kiln are costly, though I do agree they would likely sale faster in a shop where people could see them in person :-). Kisses. xoxo

Houseelf said...

Beautiful shade of green in the bottom pic. You could almost make a set of that design in blues and greens and maybe other colours. They all look great.

Anonymous said...

I think these new bowls are fantastic...some of the best work you've done yet. You are now entering into my preferred palette. The flower in the picture is amazing. It especially sets off the colour in the first (blue-ish) bowl. Amazing photography and composition of the set-up. No other flower would have had the same effect. So stark and simple, so clean. Did you photograph these or have it done? Masterful.

Annie said...

Melanie, Interesting you say that because in my shop on some of the bowls I have it so people can email me and get custom ordered sets. xoxo
laura, Love back.xoxo
Kelly, I agree, porcelian has a HUGE learning curve, so the more I do the better I get :-). Yes, I took the photos myself, so glad I am improving in that area :-). xoxo

Yoli said...

Those bowls are dreamy!

~Babs said...

Love seeing your new things.
Green being my favorite color,,,that bowl really appeals to me, but I also love the texture on the blue one.
So,,,they're all my favorites.

Good luck with your sale, Annie!
I, too, wish you could have them in a shop, but I so understand the cost thing!

hediyelik eşya said...

Those bowls and spoon are so cute. Also the photographs with the flowers genius work. Annie, it is always so hard to choose a favorite as per your view.

Teri and her Stylish Adventure Cats said...

The bowls are lovely! The blue one reminds me of ferns and the green one very 'Asian' and zen.

anti porn said...

One of the nearest aunt gifted same spoon and bowl to my grandmother for her birthday, you remind my old days. Your ordering of stuffs are perfect.

courses en ligne said...

Cute bowls and spoons collection you have. I agree that those photographs with flower is quite nice. Wishing a good luck with your sales.
You are doing a best as always.

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