Saturday, April 2, 2011

My Week in Pictures

I went looking for joy this week. You can't be sad 24 hours a day And Spike would not want me to be, so I went looking and I found me some. The two tip top photos are of my good friend B and her baby L, what dolls they both are :-). Lots of joy there. Then there is a photo of a friend's dog, Finn, joy abounds there with tennis balls :-). Then a photo of new baby cow life, plenty of joy there. And last, a photo of a new bud vase, no end to the joy in making these. Which I am off to make more of this very day. Thank you for your prayers and love. I miss Spike like you would not believe, but I won't quit seeking joy, no never, and I won't quit finding it. XOXO


Silke Powers said...

Dear Annie, your joy is contagious and you are such an inspiration looking for joy in the midst of your sadness over Spike. You are so right though, our pets are such pure joy, they wouldn't want us to lose one minute with sadness - easier said than done though... Much love!! Silke

xxx said...

Good to recognise the all the joy around Annie and it's also okay to be sad about Spike, which I'm sure you know.
I love that dog.... wonderful eyes.

I love animals and have lived with dogs most of my life. Right now while I am typing this my 16 year old hound is at my feet.
He won't be with me for much longer and that thought breaks my heart.

love to you and keep on looking to the joy.


becky said...

I love that, "I went looking for joy!" That's awesome. You friend & her baby are adorable! Glad you are able to do some art this weekend & hope you are enjoying those 3 days... looks like you are! :) I was not too joyful today, I have to admit... but tomorrow it's into the mountains I go, and there is ALWAYS Joy to be found there! Glad you are feeling better.

yoborobo said...

What a lovely thing, to go looking for joy. I am going to try this tomorrow. Sometimes the cares of the world just sit on our shoulders and weigh us down. I know Spike would want you to be happy. All our furkids do. :) Love the pictures - xox Pam

Anonymous said...

Your friend B looks very familiar to me. Maybe she just has one of THOSE faces. I'm so glad you went and dug you up some joy, girl.

kj said...

do you think i'll find joy buried in the garden mud, beneath all those leaves?

i do... :)

annie, your attitude sometimes dips but never for long. you are gutsy and gallivanting and you deserve all the treasures you come across



Jos said...

Sometimes when I am sad I go over to my sisters place. She always welcomes me and always always allows me to "borrow" the boys. Off we go to the playground, the woods, the pool ... anywhere really. Just spending time with them and witnessing their energy and joy helps to lift my spirits.

I guess joy is contagious :)

Happy Sunday Annie. I hope you get to make more art today.

Oodles of hugs and love xx Jos

marianne said...

That sounded and looked like a nice week Annie!
You are brave for going on and staying positive
Have a good weekend;)

sukipoet said...

thanks for passing along all these joyful things to us!

secret agent woman said...

Seek and ye shall find. Joy is definitely worth the effort.

Kate P said...

The pictures are great! I wonder if it is a coincidence that there has been a tennis ball rolling through the parking lot where I live all this past week. Finn would be thrilled, I guess.

I have to tell you that the Zoe picture just looks like the essence of her personality--the upstart! I love it. Have a good week this week, too.

Houseelf said...

Finn looks like a real character. It's great that you are seeing the joy in Spring.

Unknown said...

Beautiful pictures, esp the baby ;) I am happy you are finding some joy Annie. Miss you, hugs/M

Mim said...

Lovely pics Annie and great attitude. I know how much you must miss Spike and you are brave and strong to pick yourself up and look for joy and happiness.