Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Animal Wednesday

This guy came to my bird feeder the last couple of days, I have never seen these bird here before. I love his iridescent greenish head, though you can't see it too well in the photographs. Can any of you out there identify him? Happy Animal Wednesday! XOXO


Gilli said...

He looks like a Grackle. They're messy at the birdfeeders.

becky said...

I don't know, Annie, but he is a work of art.
A sculpture, a painting, a wonderful glaze is he! That top photo shows the iridescence well.

Mim said...

I think he is a grackle and he's gorgeous!

Annie said...

Gilli-Thank you, what a wonderful name, Grackle!xoxo
Becky-Yes, he is beautiful! xoxo
Mim-It seems he is a grackle! I love that name, and he is gorgeous.

Lynn Cohen said...

I can see the green head. Handsome!
Love your cat in the clothes basket, so Henry!!! Who says hi btw.

and so glad you saw your heart spoon on my blog today with the "girls"... ;-) hoped you would!

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes, but is it a Great-tailed Grackle or a Common Grackle? Only the tail will tell. In one photo the tail disappears behind the fence.

marianne said...

Wow what a bird! never see them around here...... Love his smart eyes and the iridescent feathers.
Yesterday I saw a bird at a friends place I never seen before with a red head. I think it is so exciting to spot a new one!

Have a nice day Annie♥

studio lolo said...

yes, it's a Grackle and 100 of his relatives are storming my feeders right now! I do love their irridescence. They're related to Brewer's Blackbirds. If you look these guys up they will say they are pigs with wings ;)

They do eat alot, but they are welcome at my feeders. I don't discriminate ;)

Great shots Annie!♥

sukipoet said...

beautiful photos and so glad to read in an earlier post you will be taking a trip to the West Coast. Have a great time.

Barbara/myth maker said...

That first shot is particularly good, showing the irridescence.

Having a look around your blog, and wondering how I missed it up till now. Loving the photographs.
Found you via kj comments.

kj said...

i never even heard of a grackle. what is wrong with me? i don't know birds and my vocabulary is too little for a writer... :^)

these are beautiful shots, annie. i think it's a forebearer of what will be a fine weekend. :^)


angela recada said...

Terrific photos, Annie! We have lots of these birds up here in Wisconsin, too. :0)

I hope you have a lovely weekend, dear friend.

Love and hugs,

Annie said...

Thanks for your help everyone, I will be looking them up and see if it is a Great Tailed Grackle.
Welcome Barbara, so glad to see you.xoxo

Laura said...

pretty the blue on his/her neck!

secret agent woman said...

I see several people made it here with an ID before me. I love grackles - so shiny! My ex used to call any bird he couldn't identify a grackle, but this is the real thing.