Sunday, April 17, 2011


Painting by Mark Bradford,Photo taken from here

As you all know by now if you have been coming to my blog very often, I am obsessed with art.

Making it, looking at it, reading about it, and thinking about. I know a few people who I love very much, who do not care at all about art and I am always amazed by this, I could not live without it! I thought I would share with you my number one favorite contemporary artist: Mark Bradford, also go here to see more paintings. Mark works very large and uses all manner of things to make his collage/paintings with, his paintings always inspire me and move me beyond words to describe. His story also inspires me as he was once poor and worked at his mom's beauty salon doing hair. Now his paintings fetch up to 250,000! It could not have happened to a more lovely artist. I hope you enjoy and are moved as much as I am by his work. Happy Sunday! I am off to hike and work on my own humble painting. XOXO


becky said...

Very cool Artist & very cool biography... thanks for sharing this. Hope you had a nice hike & painting session.

annie said...

Glad you liked him! Did you get my email? xoxo

becky said...

No email, Annie... just checked. Can you re-send it? Hope your week is off to a good start. I'm off to work :(

angela recada said...

Thank you for introducing us to this fabulous artist! His work is gorgeous. I know what you mean about loving and breathing art. Many people in my life have no interest in it either, while I can't live without it.
I hope you had the perfect Sunday, dear friend.

Love and hugs,

yoborobo said...

I know exactly what you mean, Annie. I spend my free time noodling around on the computer, looking at art. If I have any extra money (HA!) I use it to buy art. I love to try and make art (try!). Mark's work is great, thank you for introducing him to me! xox Pam

Houseelf said...

What an unusual artist. I hadn't heard of him. Have you read Gombrich's Story of Art or his one about modern works Art and Illusion? They are packed with pics of paintings.

secret agent woman said...

I'm somewhere in the middle I guess - I enjoy art of many kinds but probably don't think about it much except when actually looking at it.

Lori ann said...

I am glad to know about this artist Annie, thank you for the links. I do love art too, in all it's forms.

p.s. cool grackle photos!

kj said...

it looks like a map of a city neighborhood, annie! (to me!)

i love all kinds of art. i love people who SEE.

here we are kindred souls....