Sunday, August 1, 2010

"The Cove"

(This is an image from the movie "The Cove" I got the image HERE.)
I watched "The Cove" this weekend. I cried the whole way through.
I did not know about this movie, but happened upon it in the documentary section of the video store. I knew it would be hard to watch, but I felt it was important to educate myself.
For those of you that don't know, this is a documentary about the killing of 100's of thousands of dolphins in Japan every year. It is not only that but also how the dolphins are full of mercury and they sell the meat disguised as whale meat (which is bad enough, but the killing of whales is regulated at least, the killing of dolphins is not.). Also did you know that dolphins in captivity are on anti acid because of stress? I went to Sea World, I saw the dolphins there and now I am ashamed that I contributed to that industry, I never will again.
What I saw in the movie will stay with me the rest of my life. More horrific than anything I have ever seen. I felt I needed to do a post to alert others that may not know about this.
Please go HERE and help in any way you feel to. The killing and capture of dolphins MUST be stopped as well as the killing of whales. When will man learn that the creatures on this planet deserve our respect? XOXO


studio lolo said...

I saw this mentioned at the academy awards last season. I don't watch that show but I happened to be going past the TV when they were giving out best documentary awards...and this won. I could barely watch the trailer they showed. One day I'll watch it. I'm aware now that this is happening, but for me it causes so much stress to watch it that it affects my health in a negative way.
I do give to the Humane Society of The United States as well as a few others. That's one small way I can help. It amazes me what goes on in other cultures. One day animal rights will reach all the corners of the world. God willing.

Thanks for putting this out ther Annie.


Marion said...

I can't watch films like this, anymore. The sadness and anxiety they bring up in me are really debilitating, just like lolo.

I watched a documentary on whales once and only once. I learned from that one. I can no longer watch the terrible way humans treat animals, especially when there is so little, other than donations, I can do about it.

But I do thank you, Annie, for reporting on it and the Cove people for making the is the answer. The more people know about what happens to dolphins the better it will be in the future.

angela recada said...

Thanks for posting this, dear Annie.

I heard about this film last year and have seen several excerpts of it, but haven't been able to force myself to watch the whole thing. I just can't.

I've already seen the clubbing of baby seals, the shooting of thousands of prairie dogs, the slaughter of countless elephants for their tusks and sharks for their fins, and the shooting of wolves from planes with high-powered guns.

The selfishness, shortsightedness, and cruelty of some humans sickens me. But, sadly, it doesn't surprise me anymore.

You are such a caring soul, sweet Annie. The world is a better place because you are here.

Love and hugs,

Robin said...

You KNOW me....I could never watch these type of films... however, I am all-too-aware of the cruelty to Dolphins (who do so much themselves to save humans in peril in the water) and other creatures.

Brava to you for posting on this sad subjct.


♥ Robin ♥

ExtraO said...

Hey, I just got that movie from netflix. Haven't watched it yet.

Annie said...

Lo,Marion, Angela, Robin-I do understand.I too am am affected negatively by films like this, but I had to know, I felt I owed it to the dolphins. I will never be the same. I am sad and I am anxious, but I feel better knowing that there are small things I can do to help and that just my prayers help.
I wish I was as brave as the people who made this film.

yoborobo said...

Oh, Annie. I can't watch that movie. I am all too aware of these practices. It's heartbreaking what we do to animals. I do donate to organizations that help protect animals. It's just awful, what goes on. Poor creatures! xoxox Pam

Lynn Cohen said...

Sad indeed.

Yoli said...

These kinds of films must always been seen. It is our wake up call to take action. I had a clip I think you saw on the same subject.

Annie said...

Yoli-I agree. As hard as it was to watch, the movie did light a fire under me. It is too easy to turn away from the tough stuff.

Lori ann said...

Dear Annie,

I agree with Angela, the world is indeed a better place because of you. Thank you for sharing Annie, education does seem to be the only way.

I'm sorry i can't watch this though, in a million billion years i couldn't. I already knew what it was about and do everything i can (and i'll continue always). it's beyond sad.


sukipoet said...

i love dolphins and could not bear to watch this movie. you are brave. finally home and i missed your posts about your trip to your mom's so will try to go back and read soon. much stress here on return so not sure how much energy i will have. I have a lot of "ungst" my WV word. smile.

mermaid said...

Thanks for the awareness, Annie. I wish I had an answer to your question. Maybe women like us can continue to nurture a loving awareness, and each river can slowly dilute an ocean of cruelty.

Janice Lynne Lundy said...

I salute your courage in watching this film. My daughter told me about it. She is an environmental sciences major in college with emphasis on marine life and oceans. This film broke her heart and impassioned her to fight for our beautiful creatures and oceans and more. I cannot watch this right now. I would be violently ill. At this point in my life I cannot stomach any sort of visual violence. It was enough for her to tell me detail by detail what happens in Japan and we grieved together. May we all re-dedicate ourselves to our dearest Earth Mother and her creatures. Saving them we save ourselves....xoxo

Unknown said...

So sad Annie, I havent seen the movie but will try to find it. You've got a good heart Annie and it's shameful what others will do for money or in the case of japan, money and food :( Love ya.

kj said...

look at all of us: too sad to bear. and i understand because i don't think i could watch it either. and yet, i think you are saying that SEEING it spurs action. i salute you, annie.

i look at all your commenters and i think how incredibly blessed we are. each of us in our own way: wanting a better world, feeling the pain and reverence of everyone and everything around us.

i don't think i could watch it. but you have started me wondering why and why not.

i love dolphins, in part because they love people


Annie said...

Everyone-Thank you for your comments. No time to answer all of them. Let me just say as a sensitive soul who has not been able to eat meat since I was 13 years old, if I can watch this movie, you all can, but it is a choice and I do understand, it was very hard for me to watch and I had to fast forward through much of it. Knowing about this and seeing it are two different things. I think if everyone watched it, we would all take to the streets and stop it. I have been thinking daily, what can I do, what MORE can I do? I am not a diver and I have little money, but I will think of something and at the very least I may be able to create awareness. I have many causes, most relating to animals and children, but the dolphins are special, they really are and this will be my #1 cause from here on in.
Spread the word.

xxx said...

I haven't watched it as yet. I've seen shorts and I know I'm in for a mind altering experience. It's sad and frightening, but it is something that I intend to view soon.

We need to love and respect everything in our world.

Thanks for posting about this Annie... it's good to let people know.


nollyposh said...

Especially the whales and dolphins for they also hold the watery ley~lines for the planet with their beautiful songs <3