Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saturday 13 (Mish Mash)

First, this is a photo of me, in honor of Lo. I hate having my photo taken and despite my friend
Robin's attempts to teach me to pose I always look stiff and fat and I never like my smile. I can live with this photo though and so I am posting it, it is already on my Facebook page, so I am getting used to it being out there. Someday I will have a good self image. I am working on it :-).
Most of my 13 don't have photos. This week I met a blogger friend, Becky. This is only my 2ND meeting with a blogger, the first was Kj this last Winter. That was a lovely experience. Becky and I were able to spend half a day together and it was wonderful. She is beautiful and talented and a bit younger than me. It was a delight meeting her and I hope we will visit more.

I also spent a day out at my friend J's house this is the back of my other friend J who went with me. This is in J's back yard, isn't it stunning?
It was a very social week for me. Most of my friends are hermits like me. I think it just sort of goes with being an artist, at least it does for the ones I know. My mom asked me the other day why I did not need people. I told her I did need people, but I did not need them all the time. I have always been a loner and I get worse as I get older. Of late I have no interest in romance or men and it has been a huge relief. I think you build a certain kind of strength when you go it alone.

This week I also spent some time with my friend B, she just had a baby about 6 weeks ago. I thought I would share a bit of sweetness with you.
I also got my ceramics out of the kiln this Friday, only 1 pendant made it, out of 20, as when the kiln was going the power went out! Poop.
Oh gosh I only made it to 6, this may have a 2ND part :-).
I did my best Kj.
Happy Saturday!


Robin said...

I love the photo of you! Very sweet! "J" does have a beautiful view....but you are right...he IS going to be snowed in this Winter!

"B"'s baby looks HUGE adorable! Are you "Auntie Annie"?

So happy you met another "blogging friend"!

Love to you and "the Boys",

♥ Robin ♥

kj said...

annie! it is WONDERFUL to 'see' you again. this is a great photo if you ask me. you look sweet and radiant.

i love this post! j's view, this gorgeous baby, your inner strength.

let's have coffee sometime, annie

love love

angela recada said...

Dearest Annie, you know I've seen this photo on FB - and you are beautiful! Absolutely radiant!
I'm basically a hermit, too, but I love interacting with people in small doses.
Yay! You got to meet Becky! I found her blog through you, and I love it, and her attitude toward everything.
Love, love, LOVE the scenery photo, and the BABY! Ooooh! So precious!

Hugs and love to you and the boys,

Annie said...

Robin-Thank you. The baby is normal size for her age, I think, I am Auntie Annie :-).Love you.xoxo
Kj-Thank you, I wish I could see what you see, I just see someone who looks "okay" :-). yes, let's have coffee soon, if I win the lotto, maybe in october :-).Love you, xoxo
Angela-Thank you sweetheart. I am so glad you found Becky, she is the same in person, wonderful!
have a wonderful weekend. Love & hugs, xoxo

Teri and her Stylish Cats ~ Coco the Couture Cat, FurryDance Brighton, and Disco NoFurNo said...

Annie, I love your photo! You are none of the things you envision yourself as appearing, to others anyway but I also know about good self image issues. Heck, I look at me now and all I see is 'older than I feel'.

Your visits sound so enjoyable and meeting with like minds is always invigorating. I, too, have been a loner at times and my mom said she thought I was one of the few people she knew (of course, she's from a different era) that was happy alone.

I, too, seem to not have the desire for intimacy now, or maybe it's that it would be too much work and I am already tired of 'working', lol. My therapist said it would be nice if I could have friends to travel with and visit from time to time to get away and spend enjoyable times with..yep, once I get my basement cleared out! A visit with you (and KJ and Lolo...are on my mind)..

Annie said...

Teri- Oh, come visit! I live in a very small, modest (to say the least) house, but you are welcome to my futon anytime! I also wanted to tell you that if you need any help with the book, call or email me. I am happy to help. My mom says I should get a commission for all the books I've sold. LoL.

kj said...

note to teri: yes! yes!

sukipoet said...

I think this is a lovely photo. the red looks good on you. that baby is the sweetest and the view stunning. I am on some automatic email thing for when newly for sale earthships come up in Taos and one came up recently with round about views like that. mostly they are too expensive for me.

I am both a loner and a friendly little chatterer and social person. Differerent at differentlon times. If I were rich I would own an apt in the city for social times and a cabin in the woods for hermit times.

Annie said...

Suki, I am with you. I think if I did not have to work, I would be much more social, but my quiet, alone, art time is limited, so I quard it like a lion. At times I can be very social and I love people, but only when I am in the mood :-).xoxo

Grandpa said...

Good to see you, Annie.

It's ok to have friends, just don't rely on them to keep you occupied or for your happiness, for these you have to find your own.

yoborobo said...

Oooh, Annie! You look like how I WISH I looked! I love your beautiful hair, pretty face and the way you are dressed! Everything. You are perfect. xox! Pam

becky said...

Hi Annie!
Firstly... the photo of you is beautiful! I can't believe you don't like your smile in photos- your smile is so wonderful! I do the same thing though... I always pick myself apart in photos!

Secondly, thank you so much for the wonderful compliments! You are so sweet, and such a lovely person (though I already knew that!) & it was so wonderful to meet you as well, & to have lunch & talk about life & art. And you know I am with you on the hermit thing... I so enjoy my alone time.

Sorry to hear about the kiln... It's a bummer when things like that happen. I always think of ceramics like an exercise in Zen... trying not to get attached to the results (a work in progress for me...)

Happy Saturday to you too, Annie & Happy Sunday, too! :)

Lynn Cohen said...

How lovely you are!
And you wear your jewelry that you make so well.
Ah for the baby
and wow for the "backyard".
People in small doses is okay for me too! I like one at a time best.
Love your red shirt and your silver hair.

~Babs said...

omigosh,,,my first thought upon seeing this photo of you is:
"Sail On Silver Girl"
Just beautiful. Your hair, smile, color red on you,,, the whole package!

kj said...

who wouldn't show their picture if it meant feeling the warmth of these comments?

and truly, annie, i've come back three times now just to say hi face to face. :)

Annie said...

Grandpa-Thank you. I agree 100%.xoxo
Pam-You are too KIND! I bet you are a knockout and you just don't know it. xoxo
Becky-Thank you for all the lovely compliments. I meant everything I said about you. I am attempting detachment, but have not mastered it yet :-).xoxo
Lynn-Thank you. I had no idea that you all would have this reaction to my photo, I am blessed to have so many lovely blogging friends. And yes, one at a time, in some cases two are okay, depends on the two :-).xoxo
Babs-So sweet, Thank you.xoxo
Kj-You made me tear up, really, that you would come 3 times to see my face, I am overwhelmed by all the sweet comments and loving thoughts here. I really just posted my photo for Lo,(where is that girl?)because I was not brave enough before and after you all did, I thought I needed to get over it :-). I do love my insides, it is only the outside part I have trouble with, but now you all make me feel silly to have been afraid. I thank you all for that.
Love and hugs. xoxo

Lubna said...

Annie, you look charming. I mean it. Everyone else here, means it too. You are as charming outside as on the inside. So, more photographs please.

Too bad, the kiln went kaput, or rather the power went kaput. Better luck next time. How is the kitty?

I've discovered Becky's blog through you and I am so glad both of you met up in person.

Annie said...

Lubna-Thank you darling, very sweet of you to say, and I know you mean it. B is holding, spike not so good today, we take it a moment at a time in this house. Thanks for asking and thanks for the prayers. xoxo

nollyposh said...

Dear Annie but you are so beautiful <3 and i can so relate to the whole loner thing... i had friends come over the other day to 'storm me' as they felt it was not healthy that lately i had taken to being a hermit... And yet it is the only way i can heal, when i need to... 'People' can be so draining sometimes and my own company is so much easier sometimes... That's why i love bloggy worlde so much because we can be 'there' for each other but not in each other's faces so to speak... Geez when i look at that it is spoken like a true hermit!!! Lol! (((hugs)))

marianne said...

Oh that is a lovely picture!
I think you look beautiful!
I know this feeling of not wanting my picture to be taken but since I take a lot of pictures myself of others I told myself to get over this feeling. A part of accepting yourself is not being afraid to show yourself. It is what it is I guess.

So nice to get to know you and I like it when I have a picture of someone to go with it.
Now that I met Lo and KJ I can see them talk in my mind. And I heard Robin so I hear her when I read her words.

Glad you posted your picture!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!


Jos said...

Aha! I see that you have had oodles of comments about your photo Annie. And rightly so. I love that you have so many people saying exactly the same things I thought when I saw your picture on FB. What a radiantly beautiful woman. Ha! So there.

J's back yard looks amazing. And Auntie Annie has a lovely ring to it. I must admit that being an auntie probably brings more joy into my life than any other single thing.

And just so you know ... perfect pose too. xx Jos

Annie said...

Nolly-Thank you :-). I feel the same about blogging too. I really do love people, but the only way I can be really happy is a nice balalnce of friends I love to spend time with and my own wonderful company :-).xoxo
Marianne-You are so right, it is time to get over it :-). I am old enough that I should not care anymore what people think anyway.
So nice to have you here.xoxo
Jos-You are so wonderful. I love you my dear friend, and you are becoming more dear everyday.
I do love having a baby in my life :-). My niece is about to have a baby boy, so I will be a real Auntie soon!xoxo

studio lolo said...

Annie, you are a beauty, inside and out!

Sorry I'm so late in responding. I have been without my PC (my right arm!) for 5 days now and I'm also working on 2 commissions and stuff for a new shop. I'm losing my mind these past couple of days.

Marianne has it is what it is!! I think seeing myself recently was a wake-up call that I needed because I avoid mirrors. I don't advise anyone to do that because you can't see yourself getting bigger and then when you do see it (reality check please)you may feel like you're having a nervous breakdown!

I recently told Marianne that I have to "put on my big girl panties and deal with it!" of course we laughed because I also said I'd rather be wearing little girl panties. :P

Anyway, enough about self-image. We are who we are and we are rich in our friends and loved ones no matter what we look like.

I have come to fully embrace my online friends as much as my real-life friends. I honestly feel I can tell who is being good and true and who's trying to pull a fast one.
I feel very blessed to have the blogging family I have. I'm very happy you got to meet Becky (a great photographer by the way!) I hope you continue your friendship.

I need a certain amount of time alone as well. I think it comes from getting older and liking our own company ;)

I'm rambling because it's been a long day and I'm hungry and tired.

You're a beauty Annie, through and through ;)


Annie said...

Lo- I think you are a beauty too, and you could weigh 300 pounds and you would still be a beauty. Funny I don't care how much other people weigh, I only judge my own body as failing :-). I can always see the beauty in others, or the ugliness, they can be stunning, but if ugly inside it won't matter to me. I look at my photo and see a lopsided smile, and squinty eyes! I do however have very nice eyes when you can see them! I am going to start looking for the good though, like I do with others. We really should learn to treat ourselves like we do our loved ones. Love and hugs to you dear friend. xoxo

Marion said...

That's an incredible photo of you, Annie! I hope it won't be too long before you feel you have a good self image, because you are so beautiful!

I'm sorry I'm late on commenting on this one, but my computer went on our return from holiday, and I'm still trying to catch up.

I love being alone. Too many people around and I have to slink off somewhere to get my balance back!

ExtraO said...

This picture of you is lovely, Annie!

Anonymous said...

Lovely to see you Annie- the red looks so welcoming on you. You are so pretty.

How special to meet a blogging friend. I have friends who are definitely people-people. Like you I value my quiet times especially after being with a crowd.

soulbrush said...

what a lovely lovely photo. we never see ourselves as others see each, my goodness there is no fat on your girlfriend. pure beauty inside and out!

Annie said...

Marion-Thank you darling. Always happy to see your face. xoxo
E.O. Thank you! xoxo
melanie-Thank you! I do love people, the right people at the right time :-). xoxo
Jossie-You are a sweetheart, thank you for the nice compliments. xoxo

Kate said...

I just came over from Becky's blog and am glad to meet you. I love your portrait; it's great. I've been visiting SF and Taos off and on, but not as often as I wish, since 1984. Should have moved, but didn't. Marriages require lots of compromises and that was one. Looking forward to reading more of your posts.

willowtree said...

Hubba Hubba!!!!