Sunday, August 22, 2010

What I Love

Today is Sunday, my favorite day and this week it is doubly a favorite as it is my only day off this week. I will be doing absolutely nothing! YAY! These lovely sunflowers have decided to live in my drive way, they jumped the fence from my neighbor's yard. I had a bunch in my yard, but I never shared with you, that when I arrived back from my trip home, my yard was dug up and my fence was torn down due to a plumbing problem next door. When they ripped the fence down they took with it all the wonderful sunflowers, I cried when I saw that they were all gone.
So, I am happy at least that they are in the driveway :-).
Okay, this is what I love today!
2.My boys
3.My family, friends and blogging buddies (included in friends)
4.The crickets that serenade me to sleep every night.
5.Paint, Venetian plaster and porcelain.
6.My little point and shoot.
7."Lost", I have watched all the series and I am waiting for the last season to come out Tuesday!
I think the show gets better as it goes. Love, love, love it!
8.Dreams, I dreamed last night that the beet was the new "it" vegetable in Paris France. Weird, but then I looked it up on the web and found out that beets are a new favorite among Paris chefs! FUN!
9.My life, warts and all, and there are a whole lot of warts right now, but we won't dwell on that.
What do you love, today? Happy Sunday! XOXO


studio lolo said...

I love the sunflowers jumped the fence!! Determined to live out loud...yay!!!

I love love love the rain today!! We haven't had any for a month. I'm not feeling so great today so it's been really nice to veg in the studio printing cards for a shop. I may paint later but my back is awful today. Poop.

maybe I'll shower and curl up with a book....Like "Busting Loose...!"


Annie said...

Lo, I love that you say poop, I say it too :-). I just started raining here, I love it too!
I hope you feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

I loved totally slobbing out today- just a little hand sewing of a gift I hope will make a kind stranger smile. Lovely!

~Babs said...

Oh! Sunflowers, one of my very favorites. So wild and free.
Your driveway is blessed!

Robin said...

I love that when I came out of my volunteer job at the de Young, the SUN WAS SHINING! It's 68 degrees.....a veritable hot spot in SF....after 5 months of bitter cold.

I love your four Boys.....especially B and Spike (right now, as they need it the most).

I love all of the most amazing women and men out "there" in the blogging world.....

I love you, Annie, my dear friend.

Oh yes, although I am not a fan of "Lost", I AM of "Madmen" and am thoroughly enjoying my Sunday Evenings......with Season 3.

Love to you and the Boys,

♥ Robin ♥

p.s. I love your Sunflowers!!!
I miss them!

Doris Sturm said...

What beautiful sunflowers! I would have cried too...I'm glad there are some left and let's hope they multiply quickly for next summer.

I'm thankful every day for my family and friends, my dog, my health (be it ever so imperfect) - my eyes to see God's beautiful works. I'm thankful for my computer, which is my lifeline right now, and my ability to crochet and walk.

Kate P said...

Those sunflowers are beautiful!

Um, I guess I love the mojito I just had. . . :)

Unknown said...

Love your love post annie :) Warts and all too....sunflower always makes me super happy. Love ya and happy week ahead.

Lynn Cohen said...

What do I love today?
My lone blooming small sunflower on the back patio.
that I got my sewing machine to stop chewing up thread and run smoothly again.
my hammock.
A good book.
my DH.
My new floors.
My figs in sweet to eat.
My cat.
My family who are away but will return.

blogging friends, count yourself as one.

becky said...

Doing absolutely nothing... I love it! I will be doing the same tomorrow, as today is my "Friday!" And yes Annie, we do work too hard & something must be done about it! :) Love the sunflowers, they are the happiest flower, you know. What a funny dream... and Paris, no less. Dreams of the future!

Annie said...

Melanie-I love your term, slobbing out :-). I did that today too. xoxo
Babs-Yes, it is. xoxo
Robin-I love you too, glad you got some sun! xoxo
Doris-If I am here next Summer, which I am not sure. xoxo
Kate-And how about your upcoming trip? xoxo
M.kate-love and happy weekend to you too. xoxo
Lynn-That is a lovely list, glad you count me as friend, ditto. xoxo
Becky-Let's have some fun Tuesday!
I am ready. I love sunflowers so much and this is the month for them here in Taos. I loved the dream and I seem to be tapping in to Paris a lot lately. Why beets, I don't know :-). xoxo

Lori ann said...

What a fun idea, your list of loves!
i love the sunflowers too, they are a perfect example of bloom where you are planted! (or whereever your seed is dropped!)

I LOVE that the sun came out here, finally (i'm so happy it came out for Robin too), and i am SO HAPPY that i am going to see my daughter in only 4 more days.


Janice Lynne Lundy said...

I, too, adore Sunday. My fave day and I always try to keep it a Sabbath with not too much work. Just appreciation, gentle beingness, connection with others, a loving time in nature...makes the day very special. I am glad to know that your Sunday was lovely too!

Teri and her Stylish Cats ~ Coco the Couture Cat, FurryDance Brighton, and Disco NoFurNo said...

Oh...Sunflowers just seem to make everyone happy, don't they?! I remember driving by a field of them one (wish I could say it was in France but alas, no) and seeing their 'faces' all turned towards the sun.

What do I love this Sunday? My new blue birdbath; mint that is flowering and attracting butterflies; head bonks from my cats; and showering after working in the yard...

mermaid said...

Well, it's Monday, not Sunday, and I love that people like you are loving life, warts and all. I love surrender, too:)

Annie said...

Lori-Have a great time with your daughter, I know you are missing her!xoxo
Jan-I wish most days were Sundays :-). xoxo
Teri-Kitty head bonks, they are divine! xoxo
Mermaid-Thanks for that! xoxo

secret agent woman said...

The list of what I love today is too long to write. Sunday was a pretty great day for me.

angela recada said...

I love your list of things you love! I love the sunflowers that volunteered to jump the fence and cheer you up.

I love love LOVE all the black-eyed susans that have jumped from a small part on one side of our patio to the other side. They have spread all over and look so happy about it, too. I let them grow wherever they want to! Now I see a beautiful big sea of yellow from my kitchen window! (And all the baby bunnies have a safe place to hide.)
I'm so sorry to read about your torn up yard and lost flowers, though.
LOVE and hugs,

ExtraO said...

Very nice pictures.

Annie said...

Secret Agent-So wonderful that you had a great Sunday!xoxo
Angela-Love you and so happy whne ever you come by.xoxo

xxx said...

just beautiful Annie :)