Sunday, February 8, 2009

My interview with Starlene

Starlene from the wonderful blog, Return to Myself, interviewed me. She asked five terrific questions and here are the answers to the first two questions. I will answer the rest over the course of the week.
1.) At the beginning of the year, you posted a blog with Three Words for the New Year...Freedom, Kindness, and Joy. How have these three things become more incorporated into your life or what are your plans to embrace them (being it's only just now, the second month of the year)?

I had to really think about this as truth be told I have not been working very hard on the words, except for Joy. Perhaps that is where I really needed to focus. As I said in that post, I had let joy slip away somehow, probably due to some events that had happened during the past year. I have made some effort to bring it back into my life and I feel lighter everyday. I am spending more time with friends and I am blessed with the best friends in the world. I am working less and making more art(this one I had a little help from the Universe on :-). Slowing down and really enjoying every moment of my day. I have a joy list that I plan on ticking off as the year goes on.
My list:
1. Go to Paris, failing this I want to go visit my friends in my old city, San Francisco.
perhaps both! Miracles do happen after all.
2. Finish my book!
3. Run more
4. Keep spending time with friends, let my hermit self go a bit.
5. Open back up to romantic love.
6. Work more in clay! This gives me enormous joy.
7. Eat more healthy foods.
8. Read ( I do this a lot, but you can never read enough :-).
9. Watch great movies (same as above).
As for Kindness, I do pay attention to this on a daily basis, though it has not been a focus lately.
Freedom is really what my life is about and I do feel very free, there is always room for improvement though :-).
2.) I see you're from New Mexico AND you're an artist. I also see some pictures of Taos Mountains on your blog so I can only assume you're somewhere in the Taos area. I have always fantasized about moving there or at least visiting to see what it's like...the earthships, the art colonies, the beauty. What do you like best about the area? What are your favorite things to do and see?
Yes, I live in Taos.
Taos mountain is my very favorite thing about living here. I have lived around many mountains, like Mt. Hood(I actually climbed Mt. Hood when I was 20) and Mt. Shasta, but Taos mountain is by far the most powerful mountain I have ever seen or lived near. Hiking and running with my dog Zeus is a favorite activity. I love to visit a little town a couple miles from Taos called Arryo Seco and I always have great fun going to Santa Fe and visiting galleries on Canyon Road (this is a famous place for art lovers to go). Sad to say there are only a few galleries in Taos that have art I really like, landscapes just don't do it for me, nothing wrong with them, they are just not my thing.
Wow, this is harder than I thought :-). Stay tuned for the rest of the interview. XOXO
Photo is Taos Mountain getting snowed :-).


sukipoet said...

Interesting Annie. May you find and keep much joy pursuing joy this year.

Mary-Laure said...

I love hiking too... I'd love to see pics of your Zeux.

mermaid said...

I appreciate your reflections. It is hard to stick to those words, but your effort is admirable.

Unknown said...

That was a wonderful interview Annie, and I do hope you'll get to travel to both destination. Big hugs for the week.

Laura Doyle said...

Thank you so much for the honesty in your answers! I need to make a list like yours, I think. I especially like the "visit Paris" and "Miracles Do Happen" part. ; )

Looking forward to the rest!