Friday, February 13, 2009

Philippe Petit Wire Dancer

Philippe has been a hero of mine for about 30 years. Passionate and brave he is a poet in the air. I watched "Man on Wire" last night and I was so blown away. If you don't know who he is (I bet Mary-Laure knows :-) Philippe is a wire walker from France. In 1974 he walked from one twin tower in New York to the other on a cable wire. He has done many amazing walks in all parts of the world, but the twin towers is the most incredible. The film will inspire you. It will teach you how to live. You can read about Philippe here, this is also where I got the wonderful photo by Jean-Louis Blondeau. This film goes on my top ten list. Happy Friday!


Lubna said...

Happy Valentine Day. Loved reading about your boys. They rock!

willowtree said...

Yeah, he's been a hero of mine for some time too, he did a wire walk on the Sydney Harbour Bridge (in the 70s I think) and was out her last year.