Thursday, February 12, 2009

Starlene's interview with me part III

These are the last two questions, so here goes:

4.) Where is your absolute favorite place on earth to be? If there are too many places to choose from, then just pick one I guess. Tell us about it.
This one is easy, the Oregon coast(see above photo), really any coast will do, I also love Carmel CA. As long as there is beach and ocean and I am there I am in heaven. When ever I go visit family or friends anywhere near the coast, they know I have to go. I love Taos, but I had no idea I would miss the sea so much, I had always lived near it, so I took it for granted. Now the longing gets stronger every year I am here, landlocked. The hard part is I would miss Taos just as much if I left, so I need to make loads of money so I can have a home here and on the coast. A girl can dream...
5.) Everyone is an expert in something. Sometimes that something is rocket science and other times that something is names of Sesame Street characters. What is your technical expertise? Do you get many opportunities to use your talent or knowledge? (I have a feeling it may have something to do with art, but I may be wrong.)
No, Starlene, you are right, but I would say I am really good at all things concerning art, but an expert, I am not so sure. I am actually good at many things, like organizing and cleaning and giving advice and I make a really good apple pie, but I don't consider myself an expert at anything because to me an expert is laser focused in one area, I have too many interests to be an expert :-). I do get the chance to do all the things I am good at on a daily basis. Except making pies that is :-). I think I am lucky to be able to do that.
That's all folks. Thank you Starlene for your fun questions!


Unknown said...

Wonderful interview :D

Kelly said...

I miss the ocean, too. Maybe I can visit it soon.

Anonymous said...

What an informative interview. I think it qualifies as a being brave activity being so open. :-)