Friday, February 20, 2009

Writer's block

Photo of me taking a picture of Taos mountain.
No idea what to write about. What do you all do when that happens? Do you struggle to write something or forget about it? Hopefully this dry spell won't last long, but if it does I will just keep posting photos :-). Happy Friday. XOXO


Unknown said...

It's beautiful, writer's block? all the time...and at times..I dont even feel like blogging, or closing down my blog..its a love-hate relationship with the blog :(

Ian said...

I think writer's block is often excessive, self-imposed quality control. Just get the words down in any old order. You know you can always play around with them after that.

Lubna said...

Hi Annie
Yes, don't worry. The writer's block is just a state of mind, perhaps you are tired out - this is the reason whenever I am suffering from the block. But, a suggestion, when you post a photograph write a bit about it and hey - the block will be gone forever.

Anonymous said...

Walk away- do something you want to do- something which inspires you. Then if you want to, share it and reach out to like minded souls.