Saturday, June 2, 2012


Kj inspired me this morning to go random. This is a random photo of Taos mountain, the true love of my life.
Next to art and my furbabies. I guess I will just randomly start:
Weekend before last I had to go to the vet again, my cat Max got his tail caught in the door sneaking out into the yard, and once I released him Bella decided it was her job to herd him in, Max hurt his paws trying to get away from Bella, so another emergency visit, he was fine, but Zoe who watched the horrors from the window was traumatized and whenever Bella goes near Max, she dives in to save him by hissing in Bella's face
Never a dull moment around here :-).
Bella is doing well when she has to stay home now, except if it thunders, so I now have a second medication I give her on thunder days, it has yet to be tested.
I have many paintings in the works, but nothing new to show yet.
Painting keeps me sane.
There are 3 juried art shows I am entering this Summer, I will let you know if I get accepted.
I have decided to revamp my ETSY store and I am changing the name from Blissfularts to Taos Mountain Studio (if it has not already been taken), what do you think, do you like the name?
Time has been on my mind, I don't like how fast it moves, I guess none of us does. I deal with it by trying to be mindful and in the moment. I pray for enlightenment :-).
I am saving for a new computer and a trip to Paris where I will meet up with my dear blog friend Jos.
Now I am off to do 30 minutes of cleaning, 30 minutes of yard work and then paint the whole live long day.
Have a happy weekend! XOXO


Annie Jeffries said...

Peaceful mountain view
Furbabies hit, run, scamper
Life as usual

Judy Shreve said...

Such a beautiful mountain - and fitting name to your new Etsy store.
Love visualizing the animal escapades and glad to hear Bella is doing better.
Fingers x'd for acceptance into your shows & looking forward to seeing your new work.
Happy painting!

Annie said...

Annie, Nice.xoxo

Judy, I just received notice I did not make it into the first show applied to, I applied 4 months ago, so that work is old now anyway :-). Thank you for your well wishes. xoxo

yoborobo said...

Hi Annie! Your house sounds like ours. Sometimes I feel like I am in the middle of a rodeo. :) Glad Bella is doing better. I love the new name! Did I tell you I have always wanted to live in Taos? Your plan for the house and painting are brilliant. I think I'll go set a timer and do 30 minutes somewhere and then draw. Happy weekend - xo!

annie said...

Pam, You have never said you wanted
to live here, it is nice here, but talk to me before you move here as there are issues :-).
Doing 30 minutes of work really helps, I usually tackle whatever is getting on my nerves at the time
:-). Today I pulled some weeds and washed a few windows. It really works well. xoxo

Lori ann said...

beautiful photo annie. i love the 30 min idea and love the new name too, i hope you get it!

Lubna said...

Happy painting. Love to the furry friends.

~Babs said...

Yaaaaa for painting the whole live long day!
Fingers crossed big time for acceptance into the other shows.
The waiting is hard!
Your animals,,,ha. Much like having real kids in the house.

Your new Etsy name is perfect!

becky said...

Love the photo, Annie.
And the new name for your studio! Sorry to hear of the animal drama... hope things are settling down a bit. I too get concerned regarding the ever- quickening passage of time... but what can we do...
Glad to hear of you saving up for your dream trip to Paris! I still seem to be obsessed with the clay... which takes up most of my free time, but have been getting out for some local hikes. Would like to get out in Nature a bit more... that shall be my goal next week. Also moving soon... excited & nervous!

lynne h said...

oh annie, if i lived near this mountain i would be so in love with it too...

thank you for your nice words at my place - it's nice to meet you. : )



Unknown said...

Nice post of randomness. I've missed you Annie. The new etsy name is good and I hope you will go to Paris soon :) Love and hugs always...

angela recada said...

I love to see your beautiful mountain, Annie. And I think that would be a perfect name for your ETSY store. It sounds like your fur-babies are getting along as well as most other siblings. :0) I'm glad to hear that Bella is doing well, and I hope Max and Zoe recover from their traumas soon. Poor babies!

Annie - Paris! That will be a glorious trip. I hope all your dreams come true, Sweetie.

Good luck with the shows!

Kelly M said...

Oh, my, I am trying to picture that whole scene with dogs herding cats and cats protecting cats. What a scene! Good luck with the entries to the juried show! Oh, and yes I do like the sound of Taos Mountain Studio!

Houseelf said...

Lovely new name! Good luck with the show entries.

I hope the new meds work with Bella. Fluff doesn't like storms. She did have a cosy "go to" place in the bottom of the wardrobe, but these day if we turn the TV up loud she doesn't notice the storm as much. Bach's rescue remedy might help.