Saturday, May 26, 2012

Artistic Inspirations

I just received a large shipment of new painting boards (we have no art supply store in Taos) and I am excited to start filling them up :-). These are just a few things that have been inspiring me.
To see what I have been up to, go to the last two posts or go to my ETSY store on my side bar, as I have been listing paintings that I have not had time to show you here. I am also painting some paintings for some upcoming Summer juried shows. More on that later.
I am still having computer issues and likely will until I can afford a new computer, so if I am not visiting or commenting on your blogs this is why. It takes me up to 20 minutes sometimes to just load a blog or comment. I am visiting when I can and know that I love you all and miss you.
Have a wonderful Memorial weekend! XOXO


Kelly M said...

These are just gorgeous photographs! The first one looks like a member of the horsetail family.

kj said...

Annie,I have that blue bud flower in my garden and boy do the ants like them before they open!

You art sounds like it's flying high on so many levels. I'm off to see what you're up to at etsy ♥

ArtPropelled said...

New painting boards .... What a treat for you Annie!I love to see what inspires you and where it leads.

Unknown said...

those would inspire anyone! Good luck

~Babs said...

How very strange, no art supply in Taos!
I mean,,,with all the art that happens there?

Gosh, these poppies and whatever the blue tipped flower is are super inspirations!
I especially love the poppies in bud.
How exciting, new boards, and tomorrow your painting day. Perfect!

sukipoet said...

wonderful inspirations. i too have some poppy buds hanging like that. they havent opened yet.

my computer is slow too, i cant watch videos, although clearing my "cache' helped a little.

have a wonderful painterly summer

Annie said...

Babs, we did have one until a year and a half ago and then it closed, I was making the hour and a half trip (one way) to Santa Fe, but now I have found a great place to get my art supplies on line, Cheap Joe's, his prices ar much lower than Santa Fe.xoxo

Houseelf said...

What wonderful inspiration. Will have a look in your shop.

angela recada said...

Ahh Annie, I really love these beautiful things that inspire you. :0)

It's so exciting to get new art supplies! I look forward to seeing what magic you work with your new art boards. I like ordering from Cheap Joe's and Dick Blick, too. Their prices and selection are so much better than anything I can get locally.

Happy painting, Sweetie! I think of you often.

Lori ann said...

dear annie, it looks like you've had lots of wonderful time to create and dream about it too, how fantastic! lovely inspiration you've found all around you.
thank you so much for the wishes,
i so appreciate them!
xxx lori

yoborobo said...

Oh, Annie - these are really beautiful! Off to look at your new work. :) xo

becky said...

Love your inspirations, Annie. Well they come from nature... so how could I not? :)
Can't wait to hear more about the shows!