Sunday, April 22, 2012

New Work

So I finally got a few decent photos of a new painting, "Tumble" , 16"x 11" x 3"on the sides.
Venetian plaster, oil, oil stick, acrylic, and graphite on board. I have two more finished and I am off to work on 3 others. Never a dull moment :-). Happy Sunday and Happy Earth Day! XOXO
P.S. Click on image to enlarge, it's worth it :-).


Judy Shreve said...

Absolutely beautiful! Happy Earth Day!

Secret Agent Woman said...


Kate P said...

Beautiful and cosmic. :)

kj said...

what hot spots, annie. pulsation!

you are so on to something


Houseelf said...

OO it's like the paints are bouncing out of a palate. Joyful!

rivergardenstudio said...

I think you have found magic in these beautiful works.

Lori ann said...

they came last night (when i got home from work they were here). you are on my list to email this morning, bit overwhelmed here! in a good way, the response has been amazing.
your pendants are SO absoultly wonderful and special, they will be so appreciated!! i'm really excited to deliver them. i just can't wait. thank you again so very much.

i'm sorry i'm so late here, your painting is awesome. love it!

~Babs said...

Oh, I see the nest, and bird eggs arriving. Spring!

angela recada said...

How did I miss these last two posts? I LOVE the magic you are creating with your art, Annie! You are really on the right track, and it shows.
Love you!

Annie said...

Thank you for all your lovely comments! xoxo

becky said...

Very cool. My first thoughts are visitors from outer space :)